APIM Lost communication with BdyCM DTC

Noticed this in my list of DTCs after messing about in ForScan recently on other tasks. Seems to stick even after clearing everything. So far the APIM is behaving normally otherwise, other than the known screen flickering issue. Powers up and shuts down normally, brightness and day/night auto mode changes as expected. Not sure what’s up. Maybe something up with my AsBuilt? Though nothing has changed in quite a while. I think the last modifications I did were when I had posted about the climate repeater stuff a while back.

Screenshot (72)

APIM_20220310_162154.abt (349 Bytes)

Since things seem to be working otherwise, I’m not too worried but mostly curious. Wouldn’t be the first time I would have happened to goof something up or fat finger a number somewhere. :stuck_out_tongue:


Code U0140 is typically caused by one of the following:
A dead battery
A faulty BCM
A problem with BCM circuit
A problem with the CAN bus

ACM work?
Do you have a rear camera?
You converted to Sync 3 on your 2013 C-Max energi? Just verifying…

See your PM…

12v battery was actually recently replaced as of December.

So far everything is behaving in the vehicle. Haven’t noticed anything misbehaving other than the previously documented ACM volume issues with the calibration updates and the APIM screen flickering that’s been here since the Sync 2>3 swap.

I do have a rear camera which is working fine (I do occasionally get the ‘stuck dim’ issue some have reported while pulling out of my garage, but it doesn’t happen regularly) including the steering lines and the rear park sensor displays.

And yes, this was a Sync 2/MFT>3 swap. Most of the APIM AsBuilt was preprogrammed for me by the seller I bought it from. From the getgo it appears everything was functioning as expected. I have done a few mods early on, most of which I’ve documented on this forum already, such as the climate repeater stuff and attempts to enable further park assist functionality (mostly the overhead car icon/sensor display, which I have yet to figure out, presumably because the PAM in my C-Max doesn’t have the option to make AsBuilt modifications).

I’ll make the suggested adjustments in the APIM AsBuilt sheet you PM’d me and will report back.

Seems like the DTC went away after doing the recommended AsBuilt changes and doing the whole Master Reset loop. Normally it was holding on before so after doing the DTC clear/reset cycle in ForScan, it’d immediately come back. Now it seems to be gone for good.

7D0-01-01 xxxx xxxx *x–
(Changed 8 to 0)

7D0-02-01 xxxx xx** xx–
(Left at 06, since this is technically a hatch and not a Van and seems to just be a cosmetic change IF I can ever get the extra parking sensor functions operational. I can change it though if there’s a distinct reason to do so.)

7D0-03-01 xx** xxxx xx–
(was already at 01 for the C-Max/C344 platform)

7D0-04-01 xxxx xxxx **xx
(Changed 00 to 04)

I did make some additional personal changes:

7D0-01-02 xxx* xxxx xx–
(Changed A to 8 to disable Ambient lighting. I completely forgot I had this enabled recently just to test if the Sync controls would work with the C-Max. Its ambient lighting system is only LIN connected to the BdyCM with physical controls. Sync 2 never had on screen controls enabled for it originally so it was a long shot attempt. Never worked even after being enabled for over a month.)

7D0-02-02 xxxx xxxx *x–
(Changed 0 to 1, changing the illumination from Step to Gradual. Never noticed this before now. Changed to see if maybe it would improve the screen flickering.)

^ As a NOTE, I made the other changes BEFORE this illumination change and did a Master Reset, ensuring the DTC was gone. At first glance just sitting in my garage messing with the headlight switch and dimmer settings, the flickering seemed to improve and is almost unnoticeable? Made the illumination change after that and another reset and I can’t tell any change between the two settings, but I’ll have to actually drive it in the next couple of days to verify properly.

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Glad I could help.

I did this on my F150 and observed the same results.

Just got back from a few errands. Flickering does not seem to have gone away, maybe -slightly- improved but might just be placebo. Had a spot where I usually get stopped at a light under an overpass where it is most noticeable and I honestly couldn’t tell much difference.

No DTCs on the APIM though thankfully. All is good there. Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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