Black Screen after update from Sync 3 v3.0 to v3.3 - Ford Mustang 2018

So if I understand correctly, if Ford replaced only the APIM unit but not the screen, I may be able to do this recovery procedure You mentioned in this thread:

Base part number.

Year and Product Line codes.

It might be possible.

Wouldn’t the update go normally if the screen is older generation in the first place? I mean, in the fix, I have to instal the update from the cyanlabs, not the original software, correct? So in this setup (older screen and MY20 APIM), the update should succeed. Or maybe I’m missing something…

Anyways, thank you for Your effort! I will send the pictures of the parts tomorrow.

Good night!

The screen and APIM were probably replaced as a unit. This is usually the repair policy, so you got both. That’s why we need to verify the part numbers.

There are 2 issues with MY20…

  1. Display being different
  2. eMMC being incompatible

Some clarifications about this…
There’s no-original and original software, the packages you install with Syn3Updater are the same as Ford’s, they are Ford’s, downloaded from Ford’s servers; Syn3Updater is just a facilitator.

About the old screen scenario yes, it should work. And I say should because we had some cases where users told us it didn’t work for them, but we also had users that solved the issue that way… So, should work, no 100% guarantee.

The real issue is that the leaked reformat tool does not have the necessary drivers for newer screens, thus ending in a black screen scenario.

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Not in this case, the issue is likely that the eMMC chip is incompatible with the reformat tool

So it seems, so that’s the portion of users that reported a bricked unit even with an older screen.

Do we have a list of all these users/threads?

I do not, but i remember reading both success and failure cases…

Manufacture date on the APIM is 6/24/2020. If replaced with the screen than it is prob a 2020 model. I’ll let the experts chime in though.

Well, no manufacturing date on the screen so… But I’ll be buying probably 2018 APIM no the less, because it’s the cheapest compatible unit I found.

Edit. Bought this one. Hope it will work fine. Sill able to return it though if You tell me I can recover the previous one :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the pictures, i’ll do some research after work if i remember.

Thanks, will appreciate it greatly!

Both this and that thread have JR3T-14G371-BJD

Unfortunately i don’t believe there is a fix for this, however taking pictures of the inside of the unit would help me confirm my theorys, specifically the eMMC chip.

Either way, i have added JR3T-14G371-BJD to “My20 models” for Syn3 Updater to detect this model as My20 however, it won’t stop them seeing this message and still saying “No” and then bricking their APIM, a update for Syn3 Updater would need to be released to fix that, and i have no intention of releasing a new version of Syn3 Updater at this time.

Well to tell the truth, the car wasn’t manufactured in 2020, so the alert You posted may be misleading. I would suggest adding “or You suspect the APIM unit in the vehicle might be replaced”.

Like I said, I didn’t check the unit number before the instal, so no hard feelings, but such change may help others in the similar situation. You may also add, that it is recommended to check the number online for any photos.

So one last thing before ending this thread. Like I asked before, could you tell me if replacing the APIM unit and coding it in forscan to match my as build config will be enough? If there is some procedure to do it, I would be very grateful if You could share it with me and others that may read this thread.

If I understand correctly, with the screen I have, I won’t be able to use the installer even withe the new 2018 APIM?

At the time of creation of that error message, we were not aware of this unit so of course this message is misleading

But in all seriousness, no warranty is provided you do this at your own risk and things like this will happen.

For what it’s worth it does say in the documentation about retrofits, and it also says if unsure click YES

I have updated the documentation to also mention replacements now


I don’t believe the screen is the issue in this specific instance, but as previously mentioned we do not know, this is like the 3rd instance of this out of thousands, and i literally mean thousands of upgrades, we get about 800 a month if not more according to my logs

Replacing the unit and coding it like the old one is a simple procedure that I can help you with. First thing is to back up the old APIM asbuilt settings, firmware versions, and obtain the factory asbuilt file, which you have here.
1FA6P8TH9J5114739.ab (28.2 KB)
When the replacement unit arrives, install it into the vehicle and back up the asbuilt settings before you do anything else. Also, look at the firmware versions and post those. Once we have that info, we can program the replacement unit to work with your vehicle properly.

One thing I would like to point out, that this is absolutely a replacement part that was ordered by a service department to replace the original unit. This is evident by the service tag placed on the unit backside. The order number is shown at the top and ordered for your VIN.


The screen is NOT MY20, this looks original.


So, I would say the issue here is that the eMMC is the NEW version. You would need to access the eMMC directly to maybe rescue the unit if this is the case. This requires expertise, the proper hardware and software, and a bit of skill (luck).

Post back here or PM me when you get the replacement unit…

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