Can I install 2020 USA maps on my vehicle?

In looking at the tutorial on the latest update with 2020 maps, it makes reference to MY18.5 and MY20 only. I have a 2017 Edge, with Sync 3.4 and 2019 maps installed from a previous updater. Is there a limitation on MY17 that prevents installing 2020 maps on a 2017 vehicle? Thanks.

To which tutorial are you referring to?.
It does not matter if it’s MY18, MY17.
Only limitation is for MY20 or later hardware.

If your APIM is older than that, you are good to go.
In fact, have you used Syn3updater before? (you mentioned a previous upgrade, didn’t specify which method did you use, or the version jump for that upgarde)

EDIT: To be clear, the limitation I’m referring to is to the reformat process.
Maps can be updated on both pre-MY20 and post-MY20 hardware, but newer hardware can’t be reformatted, so you need to use autoinstall. For older hw you can chose reformat or autoinstall.

Under Guides and Info, dated April 2021, for standalone update of maps. Thanks for the clarification, yes, it was using the SyncUpdater from this site. I have not kept up with the latest firmware releases, because the system is working, stable, and I didn’t want to have other problems. I will go forward now, since I want the updated maps, etc. Thanks again

I assume you are referring to this guide → Tutorial: 2020 North America 2.20 Map Installation (Stand-Alone without Reformat) with Updated NAV_Voice 06/21/2021

As it’s stated there, that guide is targeted to MY20/+ units that CAN’T be reformatted.
As a general recommendation we always say reformat is the way to go, since it’s a cleaner, easier and faster way of upgrading a unit.

Of course you can use that guide for older hardware as well, general procedure is the same. But since older HW can in fact be reformatted, it’s up to the user which method to use.

Again, you are not mentioning which Sync3 version you are running at the moment, but latest builds had many bugs fixed.

Thanks again. I don’t remember what version I am running now, but it has been several months, so I am ready to do it all again.

You are welcome.

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If you go for the manual update of NA maps, please read very carefully the tutorial and follow it to the letter since it’s a lengthy manual process that require many reboots.

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