Can i update maps only using Ci Build of Syn3 Updater

Can I use this Ci version to upgrade only the maps (from F7 to F10)?
I have 3.3.18201 versoin (EU).
I see the autoinstall mode was selected…
In fact all this can be seen in the log linked.

log.txt (9.9 KB)

Sync_NX9H01DL_1FADP5EUXHL115033.xml (11.1 KB)

Thank you.

Yes in theory this should work, not really the point of this thread though so i will split this from this thread.

Unfortunately it was only in theory… in fact it remain on F7 after successfully installation.

Is there any particular reason you do not want to use reformat ?
As said before, it should be possible to update just the maps, we already have some success cases.

It should be easier to update only the maps as I did it many times on older versions. And of course without any “master reset” and and then re-pairing all the phones, setting again the access for MyFordMobile, etc…

That may be true, but the success cases talk about up to 2-3 hours processes with autoinstall maps.

It’s clearly up to you, but if you do not have MY20/+ components, consider using reformat. It’s faster, easier and cleaner. Even having to re-pair things and performing a master reset, you should complete it in about 60 minutes.

Definitely is the next try.
What version of sw do you use?

I’m no parameter, I’m still at 3.0 :yum:
But most users went to the latest 3.4.21xxx and are quite happy with the build.

…as I wanted to remain at my version and update only maps… which is impossible

Do you have the app installed?, there’s a 3.3.xxxx there you may choose.
So it’s the same version, but with a later build.
But as you said, if you want to remain exactly at your current level, reformat is not the way.

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