CarPlay and Directions on IPC (Small Right Screen)

Is this true? (Attached Pic) I’ll never get directions for Google Maps, etc. on my 2016 Ford Fusion IPC? I’m on 3.4-19200?! Future updates won’t allow it?!


Carplay doens’t support it it’s unclear if its ford or apple


Ok… hopefully when iOS 14 is released it will.

Did you upgrade your USB hub to the CarPlay USB hub?

It doesn’t make a difference

I’m running the iOS 14 beta right now and it is the same as iOS 13.

Can’t say I’m surprised

About?? What do u mean?

The problem isn’t really the iPhone/CarPlay software. The Sync 3 APIM unit has to be configured to send maps and direction data to the dash computer which then displays it on the right hand screen. Currently the only way I get navigation data and directions to show up on my dash screens are by using the built in Sync 3 navigation system.

This is simply not correct, Android Auto does it, it’s just Car Play that doesn’t

Is there some setting that needs to be enabled for that? I have tried Android Auto in my 2018 car with 3.4 and it doesn’t come up on the right hand screen

You need to enable the navigation on the right side IPC using forscan.
720-05-01 (IPC) should be changed to D8B8 xxxx xxxx

Be cautious about changing any IPC asbuilt without research as it differs depending on your vehicle model. You don’t want to accidently adjust your mileage…

True, I forgot to mention that forscan data isn’t for every car. Works on Fusions for sure, as well as some other cars and trucks. But be sure to check and make sure it’ll work for you before trying it. And always make a backup of your as built data before changing anything.

What if your (Me) already have Sync 3 Nav, and have the directions… for the stock Nav, but doesn’t work with CarPlay is this just an Apple limitation right now? I tried with an older Android I have and it showed with Google Maps but not with my iPhone which sucks!

I’m not sure how many times I need to mention this in this thread, it does not work on apple car play

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You ask this every few months, the answer will always be the same

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Well damn, sorry!
Sometimes not everyone posts updates, and since 3.4 came out and I just updated a bit over a month ago, perhaps something changed?! If it bothers you that much block me :man_shrugging: it’s a legit question as things change, with software updates.

I literally posted on this same thread 1 day before saying it doesn’t work in car play but does for Android auto. People need to read before asking the same questions.

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Awesome, I might just back up my asbuilt for the IPC and change it. I have a Fusion so I guess according to your feedback it should work