CarPlay Error"The Apple Device cannot be accessed via USB this time"

Check this out, IOS 15 changed a few things in security. Some other things changed in the phones also that could affect CarPlay functionality. Also, reinstall CarPlay on the phone or try a factory reset on your phone, as the settings could be corrupted there also.

CarPlay Not Working on iOS 15? Here’s the Fix! - Saint (

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I’ve tried all these steps and still having the same error. Not sure what else to do.

Wait for Apple to fix the issue…

Just curious what Sync 3.4 version your running?

Sync 3.4
Build 21020

Sync 3.4. 21020 is reported to have some bugs with CP, AA, and SiriusXM and Travel Link. There is a thread on this forum outlining the issue.

TSB 21-2150: Sync 3 SiriusXM and Travel Link and other issues… - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

I would advise you update to the latest version, Sync 3.4.21265. Use the Syn3 Updater to update the Sync app only, autoinstall mode. Also, update your phone to the latest IOS 15.1. This combination works fine on my 2015 F-150 with Sync 3 retrofit.

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Thank you. I will attempt this and update on the findings. I haven’t used this updater before, anything to keep in mind before diving in?

Read the documentation and set up the application for the current software for your vehicle.

Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

No luck. Same error.

I’m also on iOS 15.1 as well.

Did you re-pair the phone after the update?

Just for testing purposes, perform a master reset if you haven’t done so already. Then delete the car on the phone and start over.

Negative. After Master Reset as well I received the same notification that my device couldn’t be accessed. In the CarPlay section of iOS, it’s just spinning.

Each time I’ve deleted the device off sync3 it’s called ‘Apple CarPlay Device’. Each time I get prompted to add the device to CarPlay the normal notifications pop up but then that one appears in the middle of the cycle where it cannot be accessed via USB at this time.

I know you have tried a couple USB cables but are these genuine Apple cables? Also, curious as to what model Apple phone you are using? With this being a retrofit Sync 3 what’s the part number on the USB hub?

iPhone 11 Pro
Using Apple-branded cables
USB Hub: LB5T-14F014-CA

No issues with any of these products prior to updating my iPhone 11 Pro to iOS 15.0/15.1.

Edit: My wife has an iPhone 13 who also provides these same behaviors, though both of our devices work in her VW with CarPlay just fine.

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This is an Apple issue, not a Sync issue. It’s all over the internet and Apple forum. It affects more than Ford. You will have to wait for Apple to fix what the messed up in 15.0.2 trying to address a major security flaw.


Interesting. I haven’t found anything on the Apple Dev forums or support pages. Mind sharing the link? I have an open ticket with Apple engineering on this as well so I can include the resources.

I also thought that the 15.1 iOS update was intended to patch that security flaw in the prior version. Maybe this is one of the bugs from that patch.

Here’s one: iOS 15.1 still doesn’t fix carplay issues. - Apple Community

I did not look on the dev forums, they are boring…

I see what you mean about all over the discussion forum for Apple. Yeah, I’m hoping this gets resolved soon. I’m curious if I could try a different USB hub.

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