Clock issue

I have the clock issue in my 2017 Focus, running 3.4.22110. The clock reverts 2 hours once the ignition is turned off. Also while driving, it sometimes reverts one hour, and sometimes 2 hours, after I have set the correct time. I guess this will be fixed in a later update.

sounds like you have the wrong clock master set.

Is this something that you have seen being introduced in 3.4.22110? I have had no issues with the clock previously. Is this something I can change using ForScan, and which values to be altered? Sorry, if this has been asked before, but I can´t seem to find any reference to it. Thanks in advance!

I don’t have much knowledge on this one, maybe this topic can help APIM Master Clock and Nav Issues Updating to Sync 3.4 - #5 by F150Chief

Thanks a lot! I will give it a try.

How did you update to this new build?
Autoinstall or reformat?

I was using Autoinstall as that was preselected. Do you think a Reformat installation would be something for me to try? I was upgrading from 3.4.22048, and it´s a non-nav unit.

Splitting this to it’s own thread

Are you nav or not?

What SYNC version were you on before?

Re-installing is unlikely to fix the clock master being wrong, it’s either the bug mentioned (don’t think it is though) or your clock master is wrong in asbuilt, a lot changed in SYNC 3.4

No, autoinstall should not produce a lot of changes. Reformat on the other hand may bring some old values back.

Since you only autoinstalled, I think this is something else.

I was running 3.4.22048 before upgrading, and been on all 3.4.x-versions that has been released through Syn3 Updater, before that. This issue I´ve never had before.

If that’s the case and since the most current build has “clock issues” flagged, then I would downgrade.

Please post your Interrogator log.

Sync_NWA2007G_WF06XXGCC6HK09995.xml (10.2 KB)
Here is my interrogator.log. Not sure if there´s much to do now, as the issue now has solved itself. First the clock was two two hours behind, which I assume is GMT time. As I live in Sweden, I use GMT+2, as it´s DST now. If I manually set the clock to the correct time, it reverted back almost immediately. After a few days I noted that it just was one hour behind. After another day or two, the clock all of a sudden shows the correct time, no matter if I leave the car over night, or just leaves for a short while. The first few days, the time was always reverted two hours, as soon as I turned off the engine. So, case closed for now.

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