Do I need a forscan? Updating from 3.0.20204 to 3.4.21194

Do I need a forscan?

I have 2018 Ford Explorer Sport with

  1. Heated Steering wheel
  2. Vented Seats
  3. Heated Seats
  4. Rear A.C.
  5. Dual A.C.

Do I need forscan, or will the update retain my factory settings?

General rule and experience is that all stock settings, features and configuration should remain the same, so you should be ok.

It’s with the customizations that did not come from the factory that users may find some issues (resolved by re-activating them again via forscan).

But wait until someone else comments on your question.

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I concur with this…There is nothing unique about the options.

Will you be upgrading from Sync 3.0? Do you have NAV?

I updated to Sync 3.4.21194 and my heated cool seats are not showing, how do I view?

Hello @Victor310

I’ve merged your threads since they are related, just to keep the forums clean and organized.

Have you performed a master reset?.

Also, from where is the icon missing?, the home screen or the climate section?

Check this thread → 3.4.19101 to 20196 lost heated seats on home screen

How do access secondary climate

I won’t answer your questions until you start answering ours, this ain’t a guessing game :wink:

Yes, I have performed a master reset. I went directly form sync 3.0.20204 to 3.4.21194. I did not have 3.4.1901. I looked under additional climate controls, and its not showing there.

Are the icons missing from the home screen like the other thread mentioned?

I believe that what they meant by secondary climate section is the section dedicated to climate, I believe they had a climate button on the home screen.

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