3.4.19101 to 20196 lost heated seats on home screen

Recently updated from 3.4 Build 19101 to Build 20196 using Syn3Updater and all appears fine, but my heated seats no longer show up on the home screen.
They DO show up in the secondary climate menu.

I checked with FORScan and APIM settings are as follows:

7D0-01-01 xxxx-xxxx-x*xx is set to 3 which should be Heated Seats only.

I do NOT have an FCIM with hard buttons at this time.

Current APIM programming screenshot:

If you have not done so, perform a Master Reset. After that, if the icon does not show up, change your ‘3’ value to ‘0’, reboot the unit (power off), then set it back to ‘3’.

I have done both a Master Reset via the menu, as well as the APIM module reset in FORScan.

I will try changing the setting as you suggest and will report back.


I performed the change to 0 and back to 3, rebooting between.
Once “0” was set, the heated seat icons disappeared entirely from the Climate secondary menu, and were not seen on the home screen.

When I set it back to “3” and rebooted again, the icons were seen again ONLY in the Climate secondary menu, and not seen on the home screen.


Is this where you want to be? Or…?

If you want HSW and Heated Seats on the Home Screen, try ‘7’.

What I want is heated seats only, on the home screen.
(I don’t have a heated steering wheel)

I had this when I was running build 3.4.19101.
I’ll try “7” anyway and see what happens.


Do you have factory navigation or not ? Turns out the home screen layout varies, including the heated seat ‘buttons’, between navigation and non-navigation systems.

Looks like a US NAV equipped APIM.
7D0-01-02 x*xx xxxx xxxx
2=USB2 Disabled, Navigation Enabled (Telenav Common HMI), Rear EFP Disabled

Take a look at this thread:

Correct - It’s a US NAV APIM from a (I think) 15 or 16 Escape.
The home screen heated seat buttons disappeared after the recent update to 3.4.20196.
They were present when I had 3.4.19101.

May try a downgrade to 3.3 and then upgrade to something below 3.4.20196 this weekend, with a stop at 3.4.19101 to make sure I’m not insane…


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I am also having this issue. I have the heated seats icons under the secondary climate screen and they work like they should however the icons are missing from the home screen. The space for the icons is there, but its just blank. I’m interested to see if you/someone finds a solution.

I have seen multiple complaints about this thru various forums, looks like it might be a version bug. Wonder what 3.4.20237 holds…

New thread.

I updated to 3.4.20237 and unfortunately it’s still the same, although I have not tried a master reset after updating. Really would like to avoid master resets as I have configured the system quite extensively but I guess if there is a possibility it’ll fix the issue I can give it a shot.

It’s interesting that the space for the icons is blank, or there at all. If you disable the icons on the home screen the space would go away. But enabled, the space is there but blank. It’s like the setting is working but something else is wrong.

That’s exactly the case. If I disable heated seats the space is removed and the connected phone button takes up the space again. Weird.

I have an idea. Delete the phone, set the icons again with FORScan, see if the icons are there. I am wondering if just deleting and adding the phone would fix this. The icons are supposed to move up and the connected phone is below them.

Interesting. In all the screenshots of the home screen I’ve seen the heated seats buttons are below the connected phone button. I’ll still give that a shot.

When you connect a phone via USB. The normal connected (paired) phone button is above with the phone icons in it. It changes somehow, I need to look at it again.

For reference this is what my Home Screen looks like. You can also see the heated seat functionality does work under the additional climate menu.

At 2GFusions, I started a thread about the FCIM but it went off on a tangent discussing many other things including the heated seat buttons on the Sync screens. There are almost definitely differences in behavior between navigation units and non-navigation units. I have non-navigation and the left 1/2 is ‘radio’ with space for the heated seat buttons below. On yours, there’s no room but I think others indicated these buttons can appear (along with heated steering wheel) below the phone section (see post # 19 in the linked thread). Post # 22 is mine and I show our screen layout (non-navigation).