Enable radio on Sync2 without ACM

Hi all,

I have recently upgraded my Sync2 APIM to Sync3. This means that Sync2 is on my bench and I’d like to use it to experiment with CAN messages. The end goal would be to add custom messages to Sync3 but that’s for much later.

For now, I have a Teensy module + some CAN modules. This is connected to HS3 CAN pins on the Sync2 unit in addition to the usual +12v supply. There is no ACM connected to it - that’s in the car with the Sync3 unit.

The first issue I had was actually switching the Sync2 APIM on! Following some posts on this site, I found that message CAN ID 048 with message 00 00 00 00 07 00 E0 00 will turn the unit on. I keep having to send this every two seconds or so, otherwise the unit shuts down with “battery saver” message on screen.

Great - so now I have the unit on. However, most of the options - specifically radio - are not available. Nothing simply happens when I press FM or DAB buttons. I suspect that it wants some message sent from ACM to say that “I am here!” - but I don’t know what the message ID or its data should be.

I saw posts relating to CAN ID 109, message 00 03 01 00 00 00 00 28 but this seems to refer to car status (gear, speed etc.) rather than ACM.

Has anyone here ‘benched’ a Sync unit without the ACM attached and managed to enable radio? The idea is to eventually send some FM radio text and have it displayed on screen. All for development and educational purposes!

Many thanks

You could ask this in this thread. These guys have some experience…

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