F9 maps Not the latest....or updated?

Hello, I noticed that ( in Belgium, not the most important country in the world), the nav maps are not accurate. On a piece of highway, ( exit )thats been shutoff for a few years now, my nav still says take this exit. Is there a solution for this problem…???

Hi, These are the latest maps publically available. complain to Ford if there map data is out of date.

Thx for responding, probably the nav update on the Ford site is for 3.0 not? So this shortcoming will remain. I did not wanted to offend someone, just wanted to throw into the group and hoped there that someone had a solution

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Regardless of what update is on the ford site the latest for 3.0 and the latest for 3.2/3.3/3.4 is F9 aka 1.19

No offence taken :grinning:

Like said before, it’s all about Ford’s policy. I’m from Argentina and the situation is the same, maps officially distributed by Ford are not current. Haven’t tried F9 though.

Options, if you have Android Auto, is to use Waze or Google Maps.

Maps distributed by ford are F9 now. Only recently though.

Hello, I am from Argentina, I have a focus titanium manufactured in the Argentine plant in 2019. The latest update from Ford is the SYNC3 20204, but the maps say SA 1 16. and they are out of date, plus the android car disconnects itself. How can I update only the maps? From now, thank you for your attention.

You are on 3.0.20204, right?
You cannot update just the maps, you need to install 3.4.xxxx along with the maps.

Technically you could update just the maps for 3.0 but you would need to get those directly from Ford (and likely have to pay).

Like @SaNdMaN said, you’re probably better off upgrading to 3.4 and updating your maps as well seeing as you also have issues with android auto.

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Thanks for your prompt responses. Can I ask you if you give me a guide to update to 3.4? I wanted to download the update but could not find the options that matched my situation. Thank you again for your attention.

Thank you again!!! I’m going to see which version of 3.4 suits me and try the update. Then I’ll let you know how it went.

Hola. I updated syn to 3.4 21194 for my 2018 Kuga. But map is old, SA 119. Do you know if there will be any updates?
Also, have been able to get car play or android to show on the central dashboard where the native nav shows the turns and distances? It would be pretty cool…

The latest maps are:
4U5T-14G421-DAF 4.6Gb Sync3 v3.2.20339 EU.2.20 (19.06.2020, Tur), ANZ.2.20 (19.06.2020), SA.2.20 (19.06.2020), TWN.2.20 (19.06.2020)
4U5T-14G421-DBF 2.6Gb Sync3 v3.2.20345 SA.2.20

Map License:
4U5T-14G424-DAF License for 4U5T-14G421-DAF (ESN) EU.2.20 (19.06.2020) Tur, ANZ and etc.

When you say central dashboard, what do you mean? The Instrument panel?

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These are ESN locked though, so if you are MY20 or not reformatting for somereason you can’t install them

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