[Feedback Required] - Kuga and Focus flickering screen issue


There are isolated reports that the flickering bug that has been since the very early versions of 3.4 are also fixed for Kuga and Focus in 3.4.21265, which is the latest build available at the moment.

So, if you are driving a Kuga or Focus and have that build, please complete the following poll.

  • Yes, it’s solved
  • No, it’s still broken

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Thank you for participating.

100% still broken

Focus?, Kuga?, both?

Kuga if you change the strategy it somewhat works but then you don’t have lighting on the cd player

You lose the lighting if you change the strategy to NA rather than FoE?

I’ll gladly step out of this if unrelated, but I own a US C-Max which is heavily based on the Focus platform. The screen flickering has been there from the beginning starting with 19101 where I began with the Sync 3 retrofit. Still exists with 21265. I believe mine is currently set for the FoE illumination strategy.

Thank you for your feedback.
If your model is “Focus” based lets say, then it’s relevant.
As far as I know, most models had flickering issues with earlier 3.4 versions but were later fixed. Now it seems only Focus and Kuga are still affected.

Kuga EU 2016 mk 2.5.
Updated to 3.4 and got the flickering issue
Then I updated to 3.4 21194 and the problem was fixed. No more flickering, the display dimmed in 3 brightness levels. AND THEN, about a month later, the issue came back! I did not update, did not reset sync. Since then the problem is still there. Very weird

Thank you all for participating.

Based on the results is quite clear it’s still broken, so I’m closing the thread since we have an answer.

Take care.