Fiesta Mk8 APIM up[grade part number


the APIM in my 2018 fiesta is part number H1BT-14G371-FEC which is listed on the database as having flickering issues if updated to 3.4.

rather than take the chance i was thinking of changing the APIM for a native 3.4 nav unit.

Got lost with the part numbers. can anyone offer a part number of a fiesta Mk8 Sync 3.4 NAV APIM i could be looking out for? i have the focus part number from another car but not entirely sure if the unit is the same as the part numbers are pretty different.

any help comment appreciated.

Never seen flickering issues on anything other than a focus and Kuga

So I would update personally

Trying to update and check the results is free, buying a new unit is not .

So I would update first.
Also, flickering is model based as far as I know, not APIM based.

Thanks for the replies Guys

i got the flickering information from here by entering fiesta and then checking the APIM part number H1BT-14G371-FEC

If everyone is as confident as they seem i guess its ago.

i found a 2020 APIM just in case. is there any experience of fitting a newer unit? i assume the asbuilt wont fit the new module? i did find a thread saying it can be troublesome and making reference to a table that was missing from the site.

thanks for your help guys

Do not buy any MY20 hardware since they cannot be reformated.

So up to J series should be fine, but try checking the manufactured date first.

Whats peculiar about these cars that make them susceptible to the flickering issue?

Never thought of MY20. Thanks . where in the part number is the J ref? what’s the cut off for manufacture date?

No idea, i only read the advice.

I literally have a fiesta mk8 by the way

The asbuilt will fit it, also on a mk8 the apim is behind the dash

It’s a bit more complicated, but lets say that the first letter of the APIM’s model is the year of fabrication… J would be 2019… K is 2020…
What could happen if that you could end up with a J series apim that was manufactured in 2020 for special reasons… So if you are buying an used one, make sure to check the sticker.

Example Part Number: KL3T-14G371-PCH (This would be K=2019 (or 4**) Sync 3 Gen 3)

G***=2016 (or 1***) Sync 3 Gen 1
H***=2017 (or 2***) Sync 3 Gen 2
J***=2018 (or 3***) Sync 3 Gen 3 (MY18.5+)
K***=2019 (or 4***) Sync 3 Gen 3
L***=2020 (or 5***) Sync 3 Gen 4
M***=2021 (or 6***) Sync 4 Gen 1
N***=2022 (or 7***) Sync 4 Gen 1

thanks for the info guys. As my APIM is H i’m guessing i am only just outside the perfect window of J.

i noticed in the diagnostic for the unit there was a setting for (MY18.5+) mine is disabled. what does this to refer to?

also, is there a rev number for the APIM firmware that supports Radio logo’s ? i suspect mine is one month too old without update


Wow, thank you for correcting my offset…

I never noticed. :joy: so k is ok?

Yes, but as said before, try getting a picture of the sticker… We had cases where J series apim were manufactured in 2020 or almost 2020 and had 2020 components…

But you do not need a new APIM!

Not yet! :joy: it’s good to be ready though.

I’ve requested the latest beta from forscan but they didn’t seem too confident, suggesting the Ford Database for APIM firmware was poor with many options. So I will drop a screenshot of what forscan is suggesting and ask for advice if that’s ok. I guess it may not need update at all.

Screenshot 2022-05-16 154559

Upgrading to the -FDB calibration level will not gain anything. If you are looking for Calm Screen, you will need to use the H*** calibration and strategy files.
APIM Firmware Production Releases - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

3.0 APIM NAV & NON-NAV Unit Firmware (Production Release, 2017-Pre-2018.5, H-Early J Series)
(Originally Found On 2017/Early 2018 Units That Ship with 2 USB Ports on Back)
HB5T-14G375-DA or HB5T-14G375-FA (HB5T-14G375-CA NON-NAV)

As far as logo files, these are contained in the Sync software or (for EU only) the Logo software file, 1U5T-14G658-AG.

The APIM you referred to, H1BT-14G371-FEC, in itself does not have flickering issues, it is the vehicle platform it is installed in that causes the issue. This would be the case with any APIM. If you placed a newer APIM in place of one that has the flickering issue, the new one would exhibit the same behavior, given the same asbuilt settings.

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Thanks for the informative post. Some has gone over my head a little.

The APIM I believe is the original unit, as far as I know.

I was thinking if flickering occurred I would replace the APIM and that would correct the issue. Little confused what in the car causes the problem, if it’s not the APIM?

Are you suggesting it’s not possible to upgrade this unit to obtain DAB logos? That was the whole idea of flashing it.

Thanks for the Link. Not seen that before other than I noticed the differences on eBay?

It’s the architecture of the car that causes the problem, something doesn’t send light signals properly essentially (F150 can explain in further more technical detail :wink: )