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Coming with the greatest thanks for your assistance so far but a request for assistance.

I have recently upgraded my UK 2012 Titanium X with Sync 3 from a UK 2017 Focus. I have everything working at the moment apart from DAB logos and Calm Screen.

I’m currently running v3.4.19101 due to this version retaining the Auto-Dim switch in the display settings, otherwise I get severe flicker. With this early version, I do not see radio logos (I believe this is partly hardware based in earlier versions and software based in later versions).

I have seen other posters here mention that upgrading the firmware of their APIM has meant that the Illumination Gateway Strategy change to C1MCA causes the Auto-Dim switch to appear in later versions of Sync 3.4.

So, a two fold question - I have a 64Gb EU/UK APIM, I believe second generation (JM5T-14G370-HNC).

I already have ForScan 2.4.x and a vLinker FS cable.

Which firmware version should I be looking to go to, and where do I get the necessary files?

I haven’t attempted a firmware upgrade on a module before, so I will read through the guides etc - but I guess the result could potentially either enable DAB logos on my current 3.4 version, or allow me to install a later 3.4 version and maintain the Auto-Dim toggle?

I will plug the car into ForScan shortly and grab a screenshot from the APIM firmware update page.

Also, as an aside, I’m happy to connect the car to my CTEK charger, but theoretically could this process be done with the engine running to keep the battery charged?


I would not connect the CTEK charger to the battery with the engine running.
If you are concerned about draining the battery during your uploads or whatever I suggest that you wait til they are finished, turn off the engine and then connect the charger when it cools a little.

Oh I know, I meant is running the engine to charge the battery inherently dangerous to the flashing procedure? I don’t have a driveway so I would need to head to my parents to plug in the charger in order to do the firmware upgrade, but if I can do it just by running the engine instead that would be more convenient.

Depends what module you are flashing really, for something like a APIM the engine running is probably fine, flashing the BCM or something more “low level” maybe not so much.

I dunno if you will get the Auto-Dim toggle, that seems a bit of a weird among communities still, the DAB logos should though.

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Cheers. I’ll probably not run the risk and just chuck it on the charger to be on the safe side. Where does one source firmware files to use with ForScan these days? The guides I’ve seen before reference the UCDS site but that now appears to be closed.

I haven’t had the chance to screenshot my firmware page yet, will try to do this tonight so at least I can start to gather the files and test the theory.

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Sorry for the delay - here’s the screenshot of my firmware page within ForScan.

What am I OK to flash?

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