Ford logo then Black screen after Master Reset

Had issues with my factory APIM in late 2021. See this topic Finally got around to replacing it in August of 2022 with a genuine K series unit. 3.4.21265
A few weeks ago, it starts dropping settings. Night mode, bluetooth and a few others, including a Master Reset hanging. Attempting a reformat generates error VER_ERR08. Looking on the community here, it indicates a full /fs/rwdata/ folder and sure enough, I run the interrogator, and it seems my temp folder /fs/rwdata/ is full.
Following some instructions to make this work, I perform a few soft resets, maybe 3 or 4 right in a row, and then attempted the Master Reset. The Master Reset started working, went down for reboot, but never came back. The Ford logo shows, but the screen stays black.
In addition, not sure if its related, but my BLIS system started acting odd a few days ago.

Any advice?

Acts like a battery issue to me. Not saying it is but when it effects multiple systems that is one of the things. Only other thing is your cable from the FCIM-B to the APIM might be loose. Also double check the APIM 52 pin plug to make sure it’s in secure.

I am assuming you use Forscan since you installed the APIM yourself? Either way it could be an ASBuilt setting.

Interesting you would mention the battery. I had it into Ford for its oil change and inspection, and they said the battery was going to need replaced soon.

I do have Forscan. We used it for troubleshooting last time, but the guy I got it from programed it for me.

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I have had battery issues many times that cause other modules to act weird. That could solve your problem.

If you downgraded your APIM to a K series than you more than likely have an older calibration than the one you had before. There is nothing wrong with a K series, but it may need a calibration update to bring it up to the Calibration needed. You could look at the AS Built your car came with on the Ford site and if it shows additional block on it than what you show on the K series than I would recommend updating it. @F150Chief could help with what you need for the calibration update. If the blocks match between the 2 AB Settings than I would consider loading the Factory ones back onto the APIM to see if that helps.

None of this would probably affect the BLIS system but it could as there is some integration here with the APIM depending on Model.

Index - FordServiceInfo.Com (

Have had the exact same thing happen. 22251 with memory issues. I managed to SR-SR-MR and downgraded to 21265. However when it rebooted it would only show splash screen then black screen. No amount of soft reboots would change that. I used the interrrogator and the APIM did return data and even had free rwdata now. So I decided to go to 22200 using a usb stick with activity LED since the screen was black and couldn’t tell when it was finished. Again splash screen followed by black screen. I thought, damn!, but left the car running and went in the house to get something. The screen then populated with menus when I came back after 5 minutes! I have no idea why.

Maybe it is the battery because i initially downgraded on ACC (not engine running). Maybe try hooking up a battery charger and see if the menu screens will come back.

The original one was a J, so this was a minor upgrade. I dont think there would be additional blocks, but I’ll take a look and see what it says.

Ill run the interrogator again and see what it says. Im sure the thing is still alive in there as if I plug my phone into the USBs, Android Auto will still attempt to take over navigation.

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I must have been asleep when I read that. For some reason I saw the years and thought that was what year your car was.

I’ve been on travel for the last few days, and wont be to where I can look at this until Aug 1.

Finally got a chance to run Interrogator again. Good news, it responded to the USB stick. rwdata is at 603M. Im going to try to run a downgrade/upgrade on it and see what happens.

UPDATE: The downgrade/upgrade got it working again. BLIS is still acting up. Ill be replacing the battery in the next few months. Until then, Ill just deactivate it, or just let it go with the passengerside not working. Thanks for all the help.