Ford Mondeo (Fusion for US?) Vignale Hybrid 2018 + general questions

As anyone ever tried with this car? Or a similar one? or any hybrid car?

As the guide said I wrote down my IVSU version numbers, what are those for?

Also i read that downgrading from 3.4 to 3.0 is impossible (I was thinking about what shoud I do if something goes wrong)… Is an impossible like “you can’t do it with usb alone, you must use <any kind of external usb flasher + previous dump>” or like is completely impossible?

Is this forced update illigal? (i assume not since, opensource and stuffs)

Sorry if my questions are odd, is just I’m an IT guy, but with no knowledge about cars, this is my first car actually.

I updated the current SYNC to last 3.0 release (i think? Build 19205) from official (Italian) ford website (maps also), I kept the zip files, are those useful by any means? (both useful for me and the community if someone needs them)

If I do the update do I incur in any possible sanctions? (asking to fellow Italians here)

I have a 2018 Fusion Energi (plug in hybrid) and the update went flawlessly for me (from 3.0 to 3.4). I retained all the EV special functions such as the power flow app.

The IVSU version numbers just help to diagnose issues and are a good reference point in case things go wrong. As for going back to 3.0 it is impossible as with 3.2+ there is a new partition layout and we only have access to the tool from Ford that allows for 3.2+ partitioning. If we had access to the tool for a 3.0 partition layout then theoretically it would be possible, but we don’t.

The update is legal in the sense that the update and even the reformat tool is official from Ford servers. If you were to take the car in to a dealership they would likely do a similar procedure. (Personally, if Ford decides to have these files publicly available, nobody can really fault you for using them). SYNC 3.4.20136 is the official release for 2019 and 2020 cars from Ford that rolled out recently.

I am also in IT (software engineering) so I did have a lot of similar questions when I first started looking into this. However, the more I dealt with the upgrade tool and procedure the more I realized that it is relatively straightforward and safe.

Not sure entirely what you mean by sanctions, but there should be no issues with your system after the upgrade if you follow the instructions closely. Hopefully this clears things up a bit.

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Ty :smiley: yes it helped

I few other question, since upgrading APIM is now impossible (last messages form the APIM thread as I’m writing this post : Updating APIM Firmware (Calibration Files) - #97 by revelares), could I go to a official ford garage and ask them to update it? (hoping to not get much $$$$ how of my pockets)

My 2018 APIM already had the new firmware installed from the factory so yours might as well. I would recommend just leaving the firmware alone if you don’t absolutely need calm mode or radio logos.

If you would like to check if your car already has the newest firmware you can simply toggle the calm mode and radio logo flags in FORScan as outlined in the guide. If it doesn’t work then you would need to update the firmware, but mine worked fine.

I don’t think the dealer would update any firmware for you.

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I’m waiting for my obdlink ex to come by mail and after that i’ll check :smiley: ty!

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Update successful! No I have SYNC 3.4 :smiley: Now I’ll wait for the cable to come and see if I can also update the APIM fw :smiley:

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