Ford Sync Downloader

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FordSyncDownloader is a Windows application created to make the upgrade process of Ford Sync as simple as possible.

Do you have dot net installed?

Please try new version

while this works i need to know peoples issues as these links will be removed soon due to potential legal issues and storage constraints

i assume you got the error but with no file name like this?

Error in : PKG_ERR03

i believe this was due to a small line issue in the reformat.lst please could you try the latest version released earlier today, it should autoupdate.

actually it was due to a typo of APP instead of APPS in the reformat.lst, i have personally tested the server side fix and all is good now.

I assume it worked?

depends on the car

i mean did it work when you changed the APP to APPS

i don't know which cars do and don't i just know it depends on the car.

I am a little confused now.
Downloaded the application. Everything went ok.
Tha app prepared a 32 Gb USB.
But according to the instructions I need 2 usb ememory sticks?
Or is 1 sufficient.
My USB looks like this:

you only need 1 :slight_smile:

The program does it all for you on 1 USB