Getting red screen and error update packages not found

I was thinking to completely remove Gracenote, I will never use it anyway. I used the latest package, and I’m pretty sure it’s because this update is not even for Ford Escape 2020 (there is a message specifically mentioning not to use that update if you have 2020). I have Ford Escape 2017.

FYI, gracenotes is the album art that is a substitute to missing album art for example, if you’re using BT.

Mentioned in the Sync 3.4.20282 - Feedback & Issues thread, the climate control issue was a bug that was corrected in this version. Glad this all worked, thanks for updating the thread.

There is a new Gracenotes for NA, but so far only contained in the Ford update package.

Unzip the package and find file 4U5T-14G423-CB.tar.gz in the SyncMyRide folder.

Actually that reminds me i needed to change that, its a default setting, thanks.

UPDATE: changed to 300 for first day

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Yes, I am aware, but that’s why I mentioned I wanted to uninstall it. Syn3updater allows completely uninstalling Gracenote. I don’t use that ever.

Sorry, you’ve lost me for a second… you mentioned Climate control is fixed in 3.4.20282, or did I understand this wrong? I don’t have climate control option on my latest update (3.4.20282). It’s not showing anywhere in options. The very first thing I did after the update, was master reset.

Again, I have Ford Escape 2017.

Thank you in advance!

EDIT: so after reading that long thread, I’ve realized since I did not have it originally in this car, and it was introduced in one of the previous updates, although it was buggy… they removed it all together for this car now (Ford Escape 2017). Did I get it correct?

Thank you so much! That’s an amazing support you’re providing right there! Thank you for all your effort and assistance you’re providing in these forums as well.

Just quick question, although this is for another thread probably. That auto engine on/off “feature”, is it possible at all to permanently disable it without using some hardware devices. I am driving this car for the last year and I can’t get used to constantly have to press the button if I want to turn that feature off. I hate it when I come to a stop at traffic light, and just after 5 seconds light turns green, traffic starts moving, and my car’s engine just turned off… not sure how good that is for a starter and other parts, but I’m guessing it will eventually take its toll on something. I am good with remembering things, but for some reason, I can’t remember to press this button every single time I start my car :frowning:

I used to have a VW Golf and on that you could trick the car voltage to make it be disabled, but i don’t know of any way on Ford, however it’s not something i have looked in to.

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It is possible to disable it in the bcm (body control module) for at least some vehicles, but this is not a universal setting. I’d suggest you enquire on an Escape specific forum.

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I know that if I keep my gear in “S” mode, that auto engine on/off never engages. Some people in some other forums suggested they always drive in “S” mode just because of that. Others are suggesting to plug in a trailer light tester, and leave it plugged in. That disables the feature since it’s designed not to engage if towing.

Yes, that is the situation.

Here is a good thread to look thru…

EDIT: Additional info for the Auto Start/Stop system. Good write-up on the subject by breakers28. Although this is F-150 centric, it applies in general to Ford/Lincoln vehicles.
Auto Start Stop 111418.pdf (77.6 KB)

A lot of folks have disabled the Battery Management System (BMS) to disable the Auto Start/Stop system, probably not the best choice with the newer vehicles using AGM batteries using an active charge on demand system. There are several other solutions which involve bypassing or unplugging modules, etc. I would not recommend any of the above options. This leaves the dongle option, which is claimed to be safe and reliable. (I do not endorse these products.This is a personal decision on the method you choose to follow.)

I do not have Auto Start/Stop on my 2015 F-150, but my wife’s 2019 Lincoln Nautilus is equipped with Auto Start/Stop. I just use Sport Mode to disable Auto Start/Stop, and use Sport Mode in the truck mostly anyways. Works fine.

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Thank you so much! Greatly appreciated!

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