Help black screen of Death 3.4

Post the APIM asbuilt, please.
What theme were you running on Sync 3.0?
What changes have been made with FORScan?

Good point, I’ve assumed the unit was not operative since according to what he said he didn’t complete the process or entered the reformat phase.

Only changes made in Forscan is Auto door lock after 10mph
Theme, standard wasn’t even aware I could change it.

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I can still access the APIM in Forscan and make changes to it which is strange if its goosed

Were you able to take a look at the labels on the screen and APIM?

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Thank you for the images.

Sadly, this confirms that even though your apim is a J series (J is for 2018), it’s been manufactured in late 2020, so this looks like a case of MY20 hardware under a 2018 series. This looks like a replacement unit order placed by Ford.

The screen looks original though, so I suspect the APIM is the culprit here.

New MY20 APIMs are not compatible with the reformat tool, something about the eMMC memory if I’m not mistaken. If so, that’s what killed it.

Let’s wait if others has something else to add, I think you need to get the APIM replaced and should be good.

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£500 error

You can get replacement APIM’s on ebay for like £100

I can’t see any

Exactly right with your assessment. This has shown up before…

SYNC 3 MY20 - black screen - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

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Question: is the unit still under warranty? You mentioned it was changed about a year ago, that’s why I’m asking…

Nope, called them yesterday unit is 14 month old

Is it the screen that’s gone or the apim unit

The APIM is not booting because the video drivers are now bad. It could be possible to rescue the unit, no guarantees.

Sync 3.4 Black Screen

NOTE: This procedure is not guaranteed to work, and you are responsible for your actions. This is posted for information only.

MY20+ APIM may exhibit a black screen if the reformat tool is used. This is because the screen drivers are not supported by the reformat tool above. Depending on the eMMC version, there are two methods to correct this issue.

A) APIM is a MY20+ with an ‘old eMMC’ type.
B) APIM is a MY20+ with a ‘new eMMC’ type.

Solution for case A) Plug the APIM to an old screen and complete the reformat.

  1. Change the screen to an older one, force reset the APIM with FORScan and power cycle the APIM.
  2. Fix the install and update as usual, then…
  3. Optionally, change back to MY20 screen and force reset the APIM with FORScan and power cycle again to make it work.

Solution for case B) You need to flash a working eMMC dump using an eMMC reader.

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Actually there are 2 issues afaik

  1. The newer screen requires new drivers which the reformat tool does not have

  2. The emmc flash chip on newer APIMs is not supported by the reformat tool

In this case I believe it’s the latter so unlikely to be fixable

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This could be an option for solution B using the eMMC dump. Where would i get the flash bud?

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Can I not reflash this back with old software