Help only AM frequency no FM

Hello I have a problem with my sync 3 version 3.4.21265. I can only receive AM when I set to FM, the radio immediately jumps back to AM. I can outwit the radio by pressing the preset 7 button then on Quellen and then on FM. Then I can listen to FM radio, when restarting the radio everything is back on AM
WF03XXTTG3JJ16840_APIM_20220310_114853.abt (401 Bytes)

Sometimes the present buttons aren’t there either

Yes I’ve tried everything… unfortunately without success

Didn’t a 2018 Tourneo Custom originally come with Sync 3.0?

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jandas true he had 3.0 and a small display. I retrofitted a large display and then installed an update. almost everything works except the radio

the radio just always jumps to AM with a little luck and patience it will eventually stay on FM. THE PRESET buttons are sometimes there and sometimes not

I moved your posts here for context…

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I reviewed the attached asbuilt. There are issues with the present asbuilt:
DAB Disabled. No FM.
NAV Disabled (Is it equipped with NAV? Does not look like it is.)
Autostore Disabled. 2018 vehicles were few that used Mixed Mode Presets. (Issues with preset buttons?)
Climate Repeater incorrect coding.

Once you make these changes, perform a master reset on the APIM.
If the FM still does not work, there might be an issue in the ACM asbuilt.

Attached is a new asbuilt with these issues corrected.
WF03XXTTG3JJ16840_APIM_New.txt (399 Bytes)

You can find the Sync 3 APIM Asbuilt Database:
AsBuilt Databases - CyanLabs


thank you very much it worked. Thanks very much

there is still a problem. After I set everything up as you described, my mobile apps only work via USB. it’s not bad though. I have another question. Can you program the reversing camera to stay on all the time?

Not possible with the asbuilt, no.
As far as the mobile apps, do you have Android or Apple?

I have android, before the change it goes via bluetooth


Did you resolve the issue?

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