How to report/update successful install of sync 3.4?


May i know how to update Ford about the successful update of sync 3.4 so that i would be eligible for future version updates of 3.4 from Ford site?

By the way i updated using the files downloaded using cyanlab tool.

Thanks in advance!

Ford uses the APIM interrogator utility. Run this to obtain the xml file you need to upload to Ford.

However, If you upgraded your Sync APIM from Sync 3.0, it will not matter, you will not get 3.4 updates since the APIM was never meant to have it. Also, true for many 3.2+ APIMs that are not eligible for the 3.4 update. Just because you put 3.4 on your APIM does not mean you will get updates for it. Most likely, you will continue to get the updates for the original Sync version.

To report the update, go to your Ford Owner site for your region, sign in and go to the Sync update section.

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I went from 3.0 to 3.4 and tried to report the update but Ford still says the latest version available for me is 3.0.19205. Most likely what they do is hard link the APIM installed with your VIN number so regardless of the SYNC version you report you can’t update beyond 3.0.

Original build data from manufacture date. If you get an OASIS report on the vehicle it will show it.

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