I can't downgrade from 20021 to 19101

Hello, thanks for the guide to do the upgrade that was perfect I did it with de update cyanlabs, and I’m know in 3.4 20021 but this version is to buggy in mi 2018 Ford fiesta, so I’m trying to do the downgrade to 19101 but after close to an hour of letting my car start it just stuck in updating software and never finished, I can’t use android auto and that is the mayor problem thanks

ive done exactly as you said this is the screenshots of the usb drive, please help

the current version is 20021 row non nav

Did you followed the downgrade tutorial, right?.
About Android Auto, be sure to perform a reset for Android Auto and re-pair your phone again.

Yes I’ve Done everything like the tutorial like 3 times is always the same stuck in updating software, the thing with android auto is the problem with the USB connection in 20021 update when you turn off the car with the USB connected, somehow when you turned on again it didn’t recognize it until you do a factory reset so is very annoying problem

Nav or not?, region?

non nav, row, 20021, thank man for the support

Try removing open2 and item2 on that file. See if it completes once done try the other file (still needs to be open1/item1) basically do each step separately

so replace the files in open/time 1 in the other files

Today I did what you suggest before and I got this error

Wait, that’s in reference to Android Auto or to the USB itself?
I mean, you turn the car off with the USB and Android Auto on and then you would not be able to use Android Auto until a new Factory Reset is performed?.
In my case the head unit turns off if I open the door after turning the engine off.

I’m using android auto on 20021 on one of my APIMs And i don’t have this issue

ok my problem is the downgrade , i just cant do it, i guess 19101 or 19200 are more stable versions

please try the new version of the application

thanks man i’ll try that

Sadly I just get the same error as before, mem_erro3 , and nothing happen, I don’t know what else to do

The MEM_ERR03 says that you have no Space to extract the Install File on your APIM.
Are you really sure that you uninstall the Gracenote Data? Check this on your Sync3. If yes, do you have an US APIM and installed the EU Maps? US APIM=32 GB / EU APIM=64GB RAM!
When you have an US APIM and installed EU Maps without Gracenote, install the smallest Voice Data what you can find by ffclub.ru and try it again with the downgrade.

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my sync unit is region row non nav, so i did not install maps data, so i don’t really know about the eu maps taking the storage

please man, i still can use android auto correctly, i just want to downgrade to the more stable 19200 and its been imposible at this moment, help

Upgrade to 20136 …

can you please tell me how?