Im on sync 3.0 wanted to update to 3.4 and maps

Hi, Im on sync 3.0… im going to follow the guide using sync 3 windows to update to sync 3.4…
My question comes… after doing those steps… how do I update the maps??
My maps are SA 1 16 (south america)

Thanks in advance.

You do not need to do it in 2 steps, you can upgrade 3.4 with maps at the same time.

Just configure Syn3Updater accordingly and the created USB will upgrade Sync3 and maps.

Thabk you for your response… I have another doubt. I only have 9gb free on the computer but I have a usb with 32 gb freee… will I be able to do the upgrade and download the files with 9gb free? I understand that with 9gb free on the computer I wont be able to upgrade… but I think that if I have 32gb on the usb free I will be able. Can you confirm me this? Im not on a computer… if not I will have to get a better computer. Thanks in advance

Not sure to be honest, I don’t recall how much gb is 3.4 + maps, but it’s going to be close, it may work, maybe, maybe not.

You can’t use the automated tool to download the files onto the USB, then create the USB using the same device where the files are located.

What you can do is to follow the manual method: you can download the files directly onto the USB and create the proper files on the USB, all manually.

If I were you I would try just downloading the files to see if 9 GB are enough.

Also, you can run the disk keeper app first to remove old data, such as old windows updates…

Thabks for the answer. I will do the manually then. Disk keeper is for the usb? Or the windows? Sync updater wont work on my cpu …

No most likely not, you should also never leave your computer with such little storage space anyway.

Yes thanks I know… but it isnt my notebook Im doing the job for a family member… I already told them.
I have a problem… Im doing the manually update and on the 4th step I found a problem… it says:
Create a folder in the root of your USB Drive called without quotes.

It says called… but It dosnt say called how…

Thanks in advance


Lol, i’ll fix that. SyncMyRide is the name


Thank you

Where do I get the licence key for the “optional license key” field. I know its optional… but I guess I will get an error without it?

Also I dont found SA(south america option) on region select… and Im on 3.0 sync and dosnt appear also…

It’s optional,

I edited the question… Dosnt have SA options for region. How do I proceed? Im on argentina. And I cant use syn3 updater… dosnt work

Edit: googeling on the internet found that SA maps are on ANZ region… so I select ANZ and the I select the higher version… and then there are 4 options for maps which do I have to select? I want the last one…
There is Non nav apim
No maps
2.20(2020) anz sa and tw
1.19(2019) anz sa and tw

This seems pretty obvious to me, 2.20 is higher than 1.19, No maps means no maps, and non nav means non navigation…

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Sorry for the inconvenience. I guessef also but didnt want to make any mistake.
Im curious. No 2021 maps?

For windows, the local drive you are using. It may be called “Liberar Espacio”.

Nop, .20 are the latest.

Thank you, very gratefull for all of your help both.
Keep on the updating. I will update if needed thanks.

The proccess finished well. But the maps wont load.

Apart from that… there was an option for manually insert the frecuency of the radio, it isnt available anymore… there is a way to activate it?

And I think but not pretty sure that I had lot of apps… now I dont have any… any way to reactivate them? Read something about applink but couldnt get it for android… thanks in advance

Have you performed a master reset?

Post the reformat.lst file you created for the procedure.
Also, how much did the process take once you connected the USB to the car?.

Havent performed a master reset. It is after or before the installation?

The installation went very well with no problems

As per the instructions, after the upgrade.
How much did it take?
Is the car in the open?, or under a roof / in a garage?