Invalid XML log file generated after update

Hello everybody,
I have successfully updated my 2022 Ford Focus Sync 3 to version 3.4.22110 from the official Ford website. However, the XML log file generated on the USB stick is not recognized by Ford servers and it is impossible to load it to allow subsequent updates. Therefore, I cannot download the F11 version maps because the system update is not recognized.
The XML file actually contains “blank” fields where I believe different values are expected. Subsequent XML files also give the same error, although generated later using “Interrogator_AD” which I downloaded.
Reading the XML with Syn3update I actually get these values
APIM AsBuilt
and if I try to get more details by sending the file to Cyanlabs servers this is the message:
“The file you have uploaded appears to be invalid or corrupt and has not been decoded!”
I have contacted Ford support 2 times and both times I have been informed that their technicians are aware of the problem and are working on it. However, a couple of months have passed and nothing has changed.
Can anyone help me solve the problem?
Many thanks to everyone for the attention

SYNC Region: EU

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.22020

New SYNC Version: 3.4.22110

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Sadly, no.
The reason that’s happening is unknown, in fact it’s the APIM that’s not giving information (thus the blank status).
Some have reported that reinstalling everything from scratch solved it, but that’s not an option for you since you have a MY20 model.

Dear SaNdMaN, thank you for your reply.
Probably it’s necessary a new version of the Interrogator.
I’ve sent my XML file to Ford and if they’re really workoing on the problem may be I will come to a solution.
I have downloaded the F11 map and voices using Syn3updater. Do you think that I can try to update maps, provided that I set the MY20 protecion before creating the USB pendrive ?
best regards

From what I understood, Ford’s provided interrogator didn’t work, so it’s not about the tool.

About versions, you can get whatever version you want, just check our DB and you will find all the interrogator flavors. You try AD, AC…

About maps, if Syn3Updater does not give that option while MY20 protection is active, that means the latest maps are ESN locked which means they can’t be installed without a reformat (which you can’t since it’s a MY20 unit).

Yes, Ford’s interrogator didnt’ work and I’ve used both AD and AC from your DB with same result. Previous version AB gives an error when I insert the USB pendrive and no XML file is generated.
Maybe Ford will release a new version (AE ?) that will make my APIM respond properly.
I’ve configured Syn3updater as follows
Install Mode: autoinstall
Forced: No
MY20 Protection: Enabled
and it gives me the option to download the latest maps+voices+license file, so I’m downloading everything right now.
Many thanks again for your help

As long as Syn3Updater giving you autoinstall options, then you are ok. If the latest maps are available for autointsll, then they are not locked and you will be able to autoinstall them.
But it’s a lengthy process, so make sure to take proper actions for the unit to be on all that time.

I believe it will be quite a lenghty process given the size of the download and I’m planning to do this in occasion of a fairly long trip.
Thanks for the trick

Send us the XML file

in attachment the XML file
I’ve edited VIN and Sync ESN numbers, but if necessary I will provide them.
Please let me know

Sync_N0xxxxxx_WF0xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.xml (10.9 KB)

Sorry for the delay, i need the original file without any modification to the contents as you could break the formatting or language used such as unicode etc.

Sync_N0C800GG_WF0NXXGCHNME18008.xml (10.9 KB)
this is the original file without modifications
thank you for your interest

I have a similar problem with 2 different vehicles. I believe it is a software bug from Ford.

My 2022 Ford Bronco Sport has been updated twice and each time the generated XML file cannot be uploaded to Ford because of invalid XML characters when it is trying to get information about the ECU. It is expecting an ASCII response and is getting two characters back - 0x0b, 0x0a. However, when examining the XML file, polling of multiple areas for configuration information returns improper/blank information for majority of the fields.

Now on to my 2019 Ford Expedition. When it was updated to 3.0.20204, a proper XML file was generated that was successfully uploaded to Ford. Before updating it to 3.4.22251, I ran the latest interrogator and it created a valid XML file with the same information as the original. After I updated it to 3.4.22251, the generated XML file now has the same issues as the Bronco Sport.

This to me feels like on one of the updates, a bug was introduced that has been promulgated with each subsequent update. Since it seems that some people are not having issues with the XML file generation and other are, my guess is that it was introduced when they had to accommodate for newer hardware. Those with the newer hardware do not have the problem but those with older hardware do have the problem.

I have a case submitted to Ford’s IVT specialist for review but have not heard back from them. Will see what happens.

Thanks, Seems like most likely the wrong Interrogator tool was used, nothing else stands out with this file

Thank you for checking, anyway. I’ve tried all versions of interrogators available without success. I agree with jmbach when he says there is a sort of hardware/sofwtare incompatibility, as the issue with his 2022 Ford Bronco is exactly the same with my 2022 Focus ST.
As mentioned in my first post, Ford support (Italy) answered twice that they are working on the problem, and even if several months have passed I still hope for an official solution

I have the same issue whereby the xml file after official map update from Ford will not update on the ford website. Mine is a 2019 and I’m stuck with Ford showing map update available because it will not accept the xml file. I’ve tried the interagator tool many times to recreate the xml file using both ford’s and cyan labs and still won’t upload to ford website yet the sync version upgrade xml file uploaded no problem. Looks like all my future updates will be cyan labs only now.

short update
this morning after entering my VIN on Ford website I found a system update available
I downloaded and applied this update from version 3.4.22110 to 3.4.22200
The log file generated still have the same ‘blank’ values
Unfortunately nothing has changed

Well it is possible that it could be the wrong interrogator tool used. On my 2019 Expedition, I used the 4 available interrogator tools after I updated it and the AC and AD produces XML files while the others errored out. Perhaps Ford has a newer one but not released it. However AD is what came with the 3.4.22251 update package for the 2022 Bronco Sport and it’s hash code matches the one on cyanlabs site.

But I am not sure if that explains why some people get good XML files and others don’t. It might explain why my 2019 Expedition got a valid XML before I updated it to 3.4.22251 and not a valid one after the update.

Same issue here. Starting a support case did not help much: the only thing Ford corrected was my Sync version in their administration (they manually set it to 3.4.22110). After that, I installed 3.4.22251 and again the same problem. Connecting the car to WIFI and let is search for updates won’t resolve the issue: even with 3.4.22251 installed, it does not update the central registration to that version…

In case someone is interested i can fix the issue. Just send me your VIN