IPC Screen showing incorrect distance [Solved]

After upgrading to 3.4, I am able to see the direction on IPC Cluster, however, its showing incorrect distance.

For a distance of 1KM on Google Maps, its showing 256KM on IPC
Same goes with meter, its multiplying distance with 256 whether its in Meter or KM
Is there a way to fix this?

The vehicle is Ford Everest/Endeavour 3.2 Titanium (India)

This is documented in various threads here. Seems to be an Android Auto bug.

Well, it seems its documented wrong in various threads. Its not Android Auto Bug, its just the APIM settings, which can be changed using Forscan.

I found and fixed it.
At APIM settings, change Navigation Repeater Format: From Intel to Motorola (or vice versa)
And it will work in sync with Android Auto Google Maps

Great, Not sure if a language barrier but this reply comes off as very condescending. Surprisingly we don’t know everything and will get some things wrong.

That issue is documented as you state, and for reference it is likely a misconfiguration on your part as this setting is configured at factory and doesn’t need to be changed, unless it was never originally specified to your vehicle.

In the US it has to be set for Intel as we use Telenav…internal HMI.