Issues with sound on Sync3 after updating


From few days I have a problem with a sound on my Sync3 after updating to ver: 3,4 ( 20196). The radio sound stops for 2.3 seconds. This happens about 5 minutes and then everything back to normal. Everything was done step by step with yours instruction “Windows Automated Method - Update Ford Sync 3 to Sync 3.4 with F9 / 1.19 maps, all regions!”. II will be grateful for any suggestions.

Perform a Master Reset if you have not done so.

yes thx, but I lose the new version including maps. There is no other option?

Master Reset is in the 'About Sync" menu area, at the bottom. This will not erase your maps or anything, it just resets the state of the machine.

You’re thinking of reformat.

So, : the reset was already done, unfortunately it did not help.

If you still have the USB intact, can you post the log file from the SYN3 Updater. It’s on the root of the USB.

Also, maybe run the Tutorial: APIM Interrogator Utility and attach the file.

Unfortunately, I have already deleted this version. But I will try to download the files again and reinstall. Then I will report when it will be the same. Thx for help, I appreciate it!!.

This unit is a NAV Sync APIM? Is this an imported US vehicle?

Bought in car dealer in Poland. So I’m not sure.

Run the APIM Utility above and post the XML file.

@szura, did you run the utility or is this fixed?

Hi chief,

Sorry for the delay. Yes, the issue was fixed. I downloaded the same version without maps and reinstall again. Seems to me that everything is ok at this moment. Thank you for your great support. Regards P.