Lincoln Navigator Sync 3.4 upgrade, incorrect screen size display

F150 Chief,
I installed sync 3.4 22251 on my 2018 Ford F150 Raptor and it worked flawlessly. I heard it also works on 2019 Lincoln Navigator …so I installed it. The only issue I’m having is the screen “shrunk” as the Navigator is a 10 inch screen.
Cyan replied:
“> You need to change the theme in your asbuilt some theme ids changed in 3.4 and you have a 10”+ screen. Simple forscan tweak and all will be good. Refer to our asbuilt databases for more information.


Thus, I’ve been researching how to do this. I’ve never used FORscan .
I ordered the OBD cable.
I’m reviewing your post about the asbuilt database but I’m not sure what to do.

Thank you very much for taking the time to assist me w/this issue.

This will be a simple theme setting in FORScan. No coding needed, just need to select the proper theme for the screen size. The asbuilt data that needs changed is:

This can be done with the “Easy Menu” rather than messing with the coding.

Once you get your adapter let me know and I will walk you thru it.



I received my obd cable and I downloaded the extended 2 mo trial forscan 2.3.50 version.

Your help in “making some changes” in this foreign FORscan app will be GREATLY appreciated.
Thanks in advance, and I’m eagerly awaiting your instructions.

All the best,


First thing, read this…
FORScan Tutorial - Google Docs

Which OBD adapter did you get?

Here is your instructions for changing the theme on your Lincoln Navigator.

  1. Connect to the vehicle with FORScan. Make sure the ignition is on. The engine does not have to be running.
  2. You may be asked to identify the vehicle model year. Select from the menu presented.
  3. Save the profile. FORScan will automatically name the profile.
  4. You will see DTC’s, most likely. It is normal that there are DTC’s when connecting to the vehicle. Make it a habit to clear the DTC’s whenever you connect and before you make any changes to the vehicle asbuilt settings.
  5. To clear the DTC’s, select the DTC button to the left. The DTC’s will be listed and selecting one will give you the details about it. It is common to have communication DTC’s.
  6. At the bottom of the column you will see 2 buttons which are to read and clear DTC’s. Select the 'Clear DTC’s" button, follow the on screen instructions.
  7. Once that is done, you can continue to the “Asbuilt Configuration” button to the left. It looks like a computer chip.
  8. You will see the module configuration menus listed. Select the APIM Configuration and then select the ‘Play’ button at the bottom of the page. This will enter the APIM Asbuilt Configuration (Easy Mode). It will look like a listing of features, like the pic below. (Ignore the blue highlighted entry in the pic.)
  9. Scroll down to the “Visual Design Variants” entry and select it. At the bottom of the page, select “Edit Selected”.
  10. You will now see a listing of options for this entry. (This is basically how all the options are configured.)
  11. You will want to select the 10" Landscape option.
  12. Select the checkmark. The box will close at this point.
  13. At the bottom of the page, select “Write”. This will write the option change to the asbuilt and reboot the APIM. The unit should now come up full screen once rebooted.
  14. Disconnect from the vehicle when you are finished. Use the disconnect button on the General tab at the top. Always disconnect properly to avoid DTC’s.
    That’s all for this one. You can look thru the options and if you have questions just ask.

I got this bluetooth unit because I thought it would be great for bluetooth but I think I need to buy a regular cable because it’s not reading my Navigator correctly once I plug it in. It’s asking which model vehicle and it only gives me 1999 or 2002 option.

both options only show Ford Focus which is not my vehicle.

This is beyond frustrating.
I thought I bought the right cable but I’m not worried that my Navigator isn’t reading it being a Navigator and it’s a Ford Focus (after I updated to sync 3.4)

Could you DM me? I’m also in TX…and wish I could get more clarity.
Much appreciated.



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I have not heard of this specific issue but you should return the adapter and get the OBDLink EX USB one.

FORScan Supported Adapters, Protocols, and Platforms - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

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I got the correct cable and I cleared the DTC’s and I’m in VDV and I hit play and it came up w/this chart.

not sure what to enter here.
Can you assist? I didn’t see an easy mode.

The other asbuilt config line. You can do it from here also. But that is not the right module. You need the APIM.

Look for a line that says “APIM Module Configuration”, not the one that says “Asbuilt”. Open that one, and go to the Visual Variants line, open that and select the 10" Lincoln Landscape option. Say ok, Then write, then it reboots.

Not the blue line, but 2 lines down…

Thank you so much!
It works!
I can’t thank you enough for helping me w/this!!

Glad it’s all working now. I moved all this to it’s own thread so that others who search can find it easier.

After pressing the ac control button on console, the display shows the controls on the screen…

I noticed is ac control on the screen has fewer options (on the display)

For example, the heated steering wheel function is gone… can you instruct me how to restore this?


Go back into the same menus for the APIM options and look for “Heated Steering Wheel” or HSW. Enable this. and write the values. This setting might take a master reset to enable.

When you say “might have to do a master reset”… is this difficult to enable?

It’s in the Sync menu on the APIM.
Settings > General > About > scroll to the bottom.
This will cause the unit to reboot. You will need to pair your phone again.

Yea I noticed it was already enabled.

What I didn’t realize was Navigator “button” is on a diff screen

So, all is good.
Many thanks for all your assistance!

Make sure you perform a backup of any module you are changing, and also save your changes. This is covered in the tutorial.

FORScan Tutorial - Google Docs

Forscan tutorial said to backup these 3

Went in mine and this list pulls up… should I backup what’s arrived only in the tutorial? Along w/ VDM?

That tutorial gives examples of backing up modules. I know it is written quite literal, but basically back up any module you plan to modify. If for some reason something goes sideways while you are working with the model, your backup is the saving grace. Be aware there are some risks to modifying modules, but for the most part it is safe. If you follow the instructions in FORScan and use the databases here on the site, you will likely never have issues. If you have questions or are unsure of something, we are here.

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