Make door chimes come through speakers and not IPC

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Is it possible to change the door chime to go through the car speakers instead of the IPC? I have a 2015 Ford Explorer with a Sync 3.4 retrofitted. I don’t see why not? Which AsBuilt value would it be?

This is a function of the IPC routing the chimes to the ACM. To restore the chimes to the speakers, use FORScan to perform a reset on the IPC.

If your chimes coming through the IPC only every once in a while just means that the IPC can not communicate to the ACM at that particular point in time when the chimes are needed. You might notice this if you hear the doo-doo-doo a couple times in the dash, and then all of a sudden hear them through the speakers for the third time they come in. You have a higher chance of this happening if you do not ‘wake’ the vehicle before getting into it. If you just open the door and start it, the modules in the vehicle like the ACM might not have had enough time to ‘wake up’ or ‘boot’ for the chimes to come in properly. Normally hitting the unlock button on your fob will give the modules enough time. The chimes are communicated from the cluster to the ACM over the CAN network so there could be many more things that are preventing the chimes from coming in properly.


I don’t think my chimes have ever come through the speakers since the vehicle was purchased. Are they supposed to on a 2015 explorer or is that something I need to enable with forscan?

They should do this by design. Resetting the IPC may fix it if this is already programmed.

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Oh ok. Would resetting the IPC cause any engine troubles? I saw a post on the forscan forum here about someone resetting their IPC and it caused negative impact on their engine, until they reverted back. Just want to make sure before I go ahead and reset the IPC. Would my AsBuilt backup of the APIM cover the IPC in case I need to revert, or is there a way to backup the IPC?

I’m assuming the reset is just like a restart and not a wipe of settings.

I have a 2015 and tried doing this also and never could get it to work. I know it shows it as an option but does not seem to work.

That is correct. Resetting the IPC would not cause the issues in the other thread. There was obviously something done other than just that. The IPC does not control any engine functions, this is done by the PCM and TCM.

You need to save your AsBuilt settings for the IPC separately.

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That’s what I was thinking. I thought it was strange that a change to the IPC would cause problems with the engine, just wanted to be sure.

Yeah it’s really strange. I changed it from the instrument cluster speaker to single audio, and it seemed to work, but it wasn’t consistent. On engine start the chime would rapidly go do-Do-do and then just stop, though it was coming through the speakers. I also got a loud beeping through the speakers when I turned the key to accessory, so not sure what that was but it went away after switching the chime back. I’m going to try making the change again and then reset the IPC and see if that does anything.

Older IPC’s had the PATS info in them so the IPC could stop the engine. This is not the case in Gen 5 Explorer as PATS was moved to the BCM.

Let me know if you figure out the Sounds though. Through the stereo sounds much better IMO.

Ah I see. Will do, IMO it sounds much better as well.

i had the same issue when i swapped out my ACM during my hunt for a 360L capable acm to finish my sync 3.4 project/upgrade. at first i could barely hear the chimes once they stopped playing via the speakers then somewhere along the way the chimes got much more audible but still not that full sound from the speakers but in my opinion i dont mind it especially for the PAM module sounds those infernal beeps were terrible lol. but if you do find something or some way that restores it id love to know. @benespo30

Sure thing! I’m going to try a couple things and see if it’ll work. I also hate the beeps that come from the IPC :rofl:

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idk if mine had or has to do with the acm as well, lol cause ive swapped them out a few times. i think this current on is from either a 20 fusion or a 20 edge but i did notice the sounds got louder and better sounding with this most recent acm. were you trying to add a feature?

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I was trying to switch the chime in the IPC to the speakers and can’t get it to work. I get a loud beeping when I put the key in the ignition (with the door open), which doesn’t go away until I start the car. Then the start up chime does come through the speakers but it’s not consistent. It does that do-Do-do sound rapidly for like four cycles and then just stops, instead of the usual slow chime. My vehicle still has the factory ACM installed. Strange right?

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hmmmmm perhaps a question for billy @bill32399 , i wanna say mine comes thru the 2 front speakers now after this latest acm change but lets see what he has to say about it.

I would have to look in Oasis for the audio path on that. I thought it was an IPC thing you could switch.

I suspect it is sent through the ICAN/HS3 network to the ACM. Might even need a DSP for it to work right.

my previous acm (2019 explorer) played correctly, then one out of a f150 but that one was a crap shoot cause i didnt have the required hardware since it was a acm that had the blue usb type plug behind it which i sent billy, but now this one out of the 20 fusion or edge sends it to the front 2 speakers. @benespo30

That ACM works perfect in my Expedition!

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