Map Spinning - GPS Issue?

I’ve installed the new version along with F10 maps, has anyone else experienced the map doing a rotate whilst driving in this version(or any other versions). If I put it fixed north mode the rotate issue doesn’t happen, but if I put in the other 2 modes, every 10 seconds or so it spins/rotates. This is regardless if I’m actually using the navigation or not. It’s like it’s re calibrating itself or something. Very odd. Done a master reset and no different. Any ideas?

Sounds like a gps issue which may sort itself over a few days or so.

Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: it will sort itself out. One of life’s little annoyances seeing the map spin in the corner of my eye while driving. As I don’t drive it much these days for longer than 10minutes, I don’t bother plugging in phone for AAuto either.

Have you upgraded your hardware from sync 2 to sync 3? If so, this issue can occur when you still have the gpsm (seperate module for sync 2) plugged in. I had the same on my mondeo and had to unplug it.

Hi Louage, I did indeed upgrade from sync 2. I removed my sync 2 gpsm as the ipc compass was doing crazy things too. I removed the a pillar trim and took the module out and while I was there i put the sync 3 gps in the same place and run the fakra lead behind ipc to the sync 3 apim. Was any forscan changes needed for gps? I didn’t make any as I didn’t think it needed it. Thanks

This doesn’t seem related to 21020, splitting posts.

Excellent work, no there is no additional asbuilt changes needed. If the issue persists its a good idea to try an alternative gps antenna in case yours is having issues.

Super thanks. Must admit the gps antenna was secondhand from a later mondeo than mine. Might enquire how much a brand new one is from ford. Thanks for your support and advice.

No worries. If you want a cheaper option, I personally use Renault GPS antennas which fit perfectly, operate perfectly and squeeze in above the vents in the mondeo/focus (note - the cable is too short to go up to the location yours is now). Part number for ebay: 259752753R

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