Maps only upgrade?

Hi. Is it possible to just redownload navigation? I had to down grade to 19101 and lost my nav and if i upgrade to 19274 with nav will I get it back?

Downgrading removes the map, so yes if you upgrade back to 19274 will reinstall the map, providing you select maps on the app.

Great. thank. hope it works!!

Downgrading doesn’t remove maps

My apologies, I thought it did. I thought my Nav didn’t work when I downgraded. Must be getting confused.

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It worked perfectly!! Everything is were its supposed to be and no glitches. Took 45mins from start to finish.
Thanks so much guys.
Donation on the way.

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Excellent :slight_smile: glad it worked out

how do you do map upgrade only if I am on SYNC3 v3.0.19205, thanks

You can’t unless you source all the files your self.

damn, okay wont know how to do that lol