My 2013 Ford Escape 3.4 update has a blank screen

I updated my Ford Escape as suggested and once updated the screen went blank after it said update complete , please restart at earliest connivence.

Please help

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Unknown

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.23088

New SYNC Version: 3.4.23188

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
No screen is blank and no way to get anything

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: V2.12.2.0

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: yes

Syn3 Updater Log File


No hi?, no thanks?, ok…

You have not provided the log, what you are describing is a black screen after a reformat.
So it seems you ran a reformat on a MY20 APIM/screen, thus killing the unit.

To have confirmation of this, we need:

  • the log
  • a picture of the apim’s sticker, or its model

How do i get the log you need? and ow do i get the APIM sticker? I bought the unit form you.

Thenak Dave

From the Syn3updater log tab, or in the USB you used.

It’s physically on the unit, so you would need to unmount the unit and physically check the APIM.

That’s not true, I do not sell units and I really REALLY doubt Cyanlabs does.

I assume this is the log you need. Let me know. As far as the APIM

log.txt (12.6 KB)

I have sold like 1 APIM in all my time, we don’t sell APIM’s, you are mistaken.

That log is from November 15th, is that the USB you used?.

OK, your are correct, I bought as an Amazon, but recieved an email form your group to update the one i installed.

we have no affiliation to this amazon dealer, most likely this APIM is not legit and a cheap chinese clone.

Scott, I received the email to upgrade the unit from CYANLABS. I am attempting to fix the issue. Please help, unit worked fine until i upgraded the software via your email. i have sent the log as requested, any help would be appreciated.


Scott, the is the email i received letting me know to update the software. it is not from you but i mistakenly thought it was. Any help as to how to fix would be appreciated.

This is the email I received follows:

Message from seller CXYMAK: hello, We are customer service. Kind reminder: If your SYNC3 system version is 3.4.22251-3.4.23088, after using it for a period of time, it will cause the system cache to be full and unable to automatically clean up, may causing some options to be unable to save and constantly prompting for default values. This is a system bug, update it to 3.4.23188 will solve the problem. Update method: Please follow the tutorial on this website to update the system version.

I have the APIM data you requested. it IS:

Assembled in Mexico
CL-MJ36NDGLC 725091
MFG 10/15/2019

WV790035 GR26A HB5T-14G370-FCD

let me know what to do next


Let me be crystal clear with something, because it seems you are still confused about roles and responsibilities.

  1. You didn’t buy the unit from Cyanlabs as you originally said, ok?
  2. Cyanlabs didn’t reach out to you for upgrading your unit as you originally said, ok?.
  3. The seller contacted you and told you to use Cyanlabs instead of fixing it himself.
  4. If there’s someone to be contacted because all of this is the seller, not us. Ok?.
  5. As clearly commented throughout Syn3updater, using the tool is 100% THE USER’S RESPONSABILITY.

Is that understood?, is that clear?.
Because if it’s not either you have comprehension issues or simply lying.

And to be honest, the more you go down that path the less my engagement with this thread goes.

Where did you get this information from ?

Let me start over, I am attempting to get help, I have corrected my initial mistake and am not trying to lay blame or give misleading info. The email has a close resemblance to your site, they gave me a link to your site (I sent earlier) and so I thought it was you. My mistake, my error by accident not purposely. I had to dig through months of emails to find so I was going off memory.

I am looking for help, can you provide a fix? The info is from the back of the APIM on my vehicle. I have provided all info you requested, any way to restore the programming? Any help would be appreciated.


Can you send a picture of the sticker and the back of the APIM?.
That model is not listed in our hw db.

Here is a phot of the back of the APIM if that helps

Thank you.

That unit is a counterfeit.

A) There’s an extra sticker that should not be there and it’s on a place the case should read “FoMoCo”:



(it does not matter if FoMoCo is on the case, the point is that the sticker was added and not from the factory)

B) Contradictory information:

C) As said before, that model is not listed on our hw DB.

D) There are typos on the sticker:

E) An H series APIM would not be from 2019.

F) This sticker is not from the factory either:

Nothing really to do really since the unit is not OEM.

This was correct: :point_down:

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I want to make sure i understand you, there is no way to fix, is that correct? no way to roll back the update on the APIM?

That is correct.
If the unit does nothing (no audio, no light on the USB ports, etc), it’s dead.

it has lights on the USB ports but not on the unit, any hope there?