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2017 Ford F250 in the US. Navigation just started not working. It shows the searching circle and says loading map…
My current sync version is 3.3.19052. I have performed a master reset to the system several times and disconnected the batteries several times with no change. I have attempted to update my system to a newer version of sync but when I plug the USB into the truck it will not update. All the system does is says update started then the system reboots. It repeats this several times until the system just turns off without ever installing anything. ANY IDEAS OR HELP?!

You are not giving a lot of details.
But let me tell you that if the navigation “just started not working” points to an issue with your hardware. You can check in the diagnostics to see if the unit is getting GPS signal.
Maybe your antena just died.

About the upgrade from 3.3, I do not feel it will solve your current issue.
Also, you are not providing details about the method you are trying to upgrade. Is it Ford’s or with Syn3updater?

I guess what I am wanting to know is if there is a way to check and how to check the system with forscan to see if my GPS is messed up or if there is a setting in the system to check?

Another question is why won’t my system accept an install from a different version of sync? I download the version onto a USB drive and when I plug it in it will not go to the green screen for updating. All it does is says rebooting system then it turns back on and says downloading update and reboots. It does this probably 4 or 5 cycles and then the system shuts off until I turn the truck off and back on.

Your update should not do this. There is something wrong with the update method or something.

There are several threads here that outline this issue. This is one of the more comprehensive.

No GPS signal after updating from 3.2.18124 to 3.4.21098 - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community

I’m not going to assume anything, so here is a very specific question since you didn’t mention anything (even though I’ve already asked this same thing): Which update method are you trying?, Ford’s or Syn3updater’s?

You do not need forscan to perform that kind of tests, just go into bezel diagnostics → Sync3 hidden menu and skin theme change - YouTube

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Sync3 updater. Ford site says im up to date. My current build is 3.3.19052

Ok, post the log for the USB creation, and also comment back with the results of the GPS test.

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