Need help for camera calibration for sync2.5 to sync3 upgrade

Hi all,I bought a 2020 Transit upgrade from sync2.5 to sync3 system from web store,all works but camera blue screen, replaced old radio back camera is working fine,so the connection is good,I thought I may need a calibration after change to new system but the forscan Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration not working, end at 8% then error, cannot find any setting in BCM too, also cannot read APIM module in Forscan but it’s working properly except the rear view camera.
Can somebody be help?Thank you

Take a look at this:
No RVC, 360 Camera, or heated/cooled seats after upgrade from sync 2 to 3 - Ford / APIM (Sync 3) - CyanLabs Official Community

Create a new profile in FORScan.

Thank you but camera it’s good because when I replaced the old system,camera working great,the APIM replace GEN 17 18.5 and 20 still no luck,I think it’s the BCM setting,but 726-39-02 not working,so if anybody know camera setting in BCM block,I will give that a try,thank you.
also the forscan profile,delete all and read again,never works,it’s very weird.

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Could you clarify this…is this installed in the F-150 or a Transit van? There is a difference in the APIM settings.

You need to verify the CANBUS connections/wiring. You should be able to see the APIM on a new profile. Or your adapter has issues.
What adapter are you using? If it is not a vLinker or OBDLink, FORScan does not officially support it.

It’s on Transit van not a F-150,the CANBUS connection is good we tested the wire it has signal and we use OBDLINK so that’s the weird part.

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Run the APIM Interrogator Utility on the APIM and post the results here. It’s in the Utility Tab in Syn3 Updater.

Do you mean that you have used 3 different APIM modules and the camera does not work with any of them? Do you have 360 view? Or just the rear camera? You are using an adapter cable for the Sync 3 APIM? Transit uses a specific harness.

yes none of them work so APIM suppose to work and once you install the old sync2.5 back camera works fine,it’s same harness just replace the module so the harness is good,it just the programming or calibration issue,but I have no idea where can setup the APIM or BCM,tried all settings already.It just rear view camera not 360.

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