No RVC, 360 Camera, or heated/cooled seats after upgrade from sync 2 to 3

Hi all,

I upgraded my sync 2 system to a sync 3 system on my 2015 F150 platinum. I love the sync 3 system, however the 360 camera, the RVC camera, and the heated/cooled seats don’t work. When trying to use either the RVC or 360 camera, the screen is blue, then turns black before saying the camera is unavailable and to go to the dealership. Meanwhile the heated/cooled seats aren’t turning on, but the hard buttons show the different levels.

I used forscan to put the heated/cooled seat icons on the screen, but nothing really happens besides the lights on the buttons turning on. Changing the values on forscan for the cameras don’t seem to make any difference.

I’d appreciate any help I can get!

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Please post your APIM asbuilt. This is probably just some settings that need to be corrected.

Here’s my APIM.

I’ll look at the asbuilt and get back to you…


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This looks like a 2015 F-150 Platinum…?
Your asbuilt looks pretty much ok, nothing that would be the issues you are experiencing. However, there are 2 other things to check other than the APIM asbuilt that would cause your issues.

But first, see the attached spreadsheet. The items in yellow are fine, no issues. The items in orange need to be changed for your vehicle.
Sync 3 APIM As Built Database Bparma3.xlsx (86.7 KB)

Now, as far as the rear camera, you need to perform a Local Interconnect Network New Module Calibration. This is in the Tools menu. This will set the APIM to look for the existing camera. This common on the Sync 2 upgrades.

NOTE: Your APIM firmware probably needs to be updated, but I need to know what the part number of the APIM and firmware it is running now.

As far as the heated and cooled seats, there is no issue with the APIM programming. When you press the buttons on the FCIM panel (center stack), do you hear a click from under the passenger seat and the seats cool or heat? If not, this indicates an issue with the SCME. There is a documented issue with the connections on the module overheating and going bad. This can be repaired. Just check the operation of the seats with the hard panel, listen for the click.

This post will help identify the issue if it exists;
Heated / Cooling Seat Fix - Upgrade & preventative fix - Ford F150 Forum - Community of Ford Truck Fans

Yeah its a 2015 F150 Platinum

I updated the APIM with what you told me to change, as well as performing the Local Network New Module Calibration. Unfortunately the RVR/360 cameras still aren’t working.

I have pictures from forscan for the part number of the APIM:

As far as the seats go, I don’t hear the click at all with either the heated/cooled seats. Both seats aren’t working, and as far as I know they stopped working at the same time.

I have some photos of the DTCs which popped up for the APIM

I did try plugging the old Sync 2 module/screen back in last week and the cameras did come on, and I can’t remember if I got the climate seats to work.

I appreciate you taking the time to help me with this!

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As far as the cameras, there is a setting at 7D0-01-01 x*xx xxxx xx-- that needs to be set to ‘8’ from ‘A’. Right now, it is set to tell the APIM that there is an RVC connected directly, rather than thru the IPMB. I missed this before…I updated the spreadsheet. This setting does not match the Sync 2 setting with value ‘A’. You may need to perform a master reset and clear DTC’s after this setting.
Sync 3 APIM As Built Database Bparma3.xlsx (86.7 KB)
This is the factory asbuilt:
1FTEW1EG2FFB41237.ab (34.3 KB)
The Sync 2 and Sync 3 Databases can be found here:
AsBuilt Databases - CyanLabs
As far as the seats, If you are using the hard panel buttons and you do not hear the click, then it’s not the APIM. Looking at the DTC’s, it looks like there is no communications to the SCMG, which is the drivers seat controller. SCMH is the passenger seat. The control messages pass thru the SCMG for the SCMH. There is a TSB for this issue, at least if it’s wiring related.
MC-10165709-0001.pdf (369.9 KB)
Here is the doc about the seat issues:
SCME Ground Wire Modification.pdf (1.2 MB)

You might want to check the wiring on the back of the FCIM to be sure it’s all connected.

So some good news and bad news. The good news is that after looking at the seat module and messing with the connections it’s now working again, so thanks for the advice regarding that.

I did change the value for 7D0-01-01, but it didn’t seem to fix the issue with the cameras. I also re-ran the network calibration as well as performing a master reset which also didn’t seem to help.

You might want to make sure those are tight and clean.

Bummer. When you re-installed Sync 2, did it actually work? You could try reseating the connectors on the IPMB module. It’s the one behind the APIM mounted at an angle.

What does the screen look like when you are in reverse?
Do you have the 360 with the rear camera and guidelines?
Does the Front Camera work?
(Put the parking brake on, just in case…)

Yeah I took the module out and didn’t find any damage so I reconnected it and it worked.

Yeah, both the 360 camera and RVC both worked with no problems. I’ll give that a try next though.

The screen goes blue, then black, then it tells me the camera is unavailable and to see the dealer with both the 360 and RVC. I do have the 360 with the guidelines, and the front camera doesn’t work either.

This looks like an issue with the IPMB module. With the 360 features, an IPMB is used for all the camera connections instead of connecting the cameras to the APIM directly. The video is formatted for the 360 views, then that view is sent to the IPMB, When you go to reverse, the BCM triggers the IPMB and APIM to show the rear camera, or in this case the rear camera in the 360 view. Since you get a blue screen and then black, but you don’t get the 360 view template, this indicates an issue with the IPMB module.

You might try resetting the module in FORScan, in the tools section. IPMB Reset.

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Well I reset the IPMB module and still no dice. I guess I’ll check the connections to the module when I get off work. You wouldn’t happen to have any other suggestions before I tear open my dash again?

I’m out of suggestions. But while you have it apart, check the pinout on the APIM connector. Just to be sure…

APIM Connector Versions.pdf (201.5 KB)

Just curious, what exactly am I looking for with that chart?

Just that you are not missing wires…ignore the ones that are italicized.

Gotcha. Is there any chance maybe the configuration of the IPBM might be the cause of this?