New Version Sync 20184


any idea when version 20184 will be available for download here?

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PS.: Photo is from facebook


Whenever a link is known on the Ford Azure server until then even if the file is found i won’t use it for legal reasons, if any one has a official ford azure link let me know.
Even if someone knows the name of the this package.

If you can find the source of the photo on Facebook perhaps ask if the user can upload a picture of the package name from the diagnostic menu. That would help quite a bit.

Update: I found the source of the post on Facebook.

Link to original Facebook post here

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A word of caution. I tried the update myself by writing up an AutoInstall file and while it took the USB with the package fine - said “Updating system software”. When it said installation finished and rebooted I’m now left with a Ford logo on start up and a blank screen afterwards.

Not sure what went wrong here.


These are the codes from FORScan. Doesn’t look good.

It is the update for the 4" screen. 3.4.20136.

Run the last -ED update should fix.

Do you know how I could run the update if I can’t get into the system? Just try to create a new USB installer and plug it in?

I was just going to say…create the usb and plug it in. The USB ports don’t rely on the CANBUS, so as long as they still work, should be OK.

Go kill the link you posted so others don’t do this…

Ok, I’ll give it a shot. Probably need to try downgrading first so I’ll do that and if it doesn’t work I’ll try the entire reformat option.

I think it will work without the downgrade, but I would be wary what is left after that. Reformat will fix it for sure.

I killed the link you posted so others don’t do this…

Perfect. Thanks. Interestingly after letting the car sit powered off for some time I now get this on boot.

Guess it’s not dead. USB lights are flashing so I’m assuming it’s installing the downgrade.

Yep, 4" screen. You should be fine.

Thanks for the help. I’ll write back to the post on Facebook and warn others there to not use that package either.

Chad Frasier’s post was asking where to find the software. (Chad is in Calgary…) Is there an answer to his question with the link in it?

Sorry, I needed to learn how to use Facebook…just expand the comments, duh.

Yes that’s where I got this package from. I’ve applied for membership in the group so I can comment on the post.

P.S. Successfully downgraded to 3.3 and doing a complete reformat to 3.4 now.

Late night in Toronto…have fun.

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Thanks lol. Shouldn’t take more than an hour to get it back to 3.4. I guess I’m a bit quick on the trigger when it comes to these kinds of things. Oh well at least it’s not bricked.

I have been approved for the group and have commented on the post. Hopefully that will prevent others from doing what I just did.

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I PM’d Chad (Airborne Ape) on the F150Forum and told him about it also.

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