Newer ACMs compatible with APIM JR3T-14G371-CHA

I have a 2019 Expedition with B&O, Nav, HD, and Sirius (not SiriusXM) that currently has APIM JR3T-14G371-CHA and ACM KL1T-18D818-CA. I would like to upgrade to SiriusXM so as to get the higher channels and, hopefully as an aside, album art. The APIM was updated to 3.0.20204 through Ford and then updated to 3.4.22251 with CyanLabs Updater.

Looking through the forums, it appears that some K line ACMs have SiriusXM and some do not and L line ACMs have SiriusXM. Also a few new wires to connect between the APIM and ACM may be required with certain combinations.

I am okay if I have to install the extra connections but it would be nice if I did not have to in order to achieve my goal. If anyone knows of a model of ACM that would work without the extra connections, that would be wonderful if that information would be shared.

I have found a LL1T-18D818-CC ACM for a decent price, however, I do not know if it will require the extra wires or not or if there are any known issues with that combination. Any one shedding light on the matter is welcomed.

I appreciate the help and information.

I have done this to my Expedition. The L series is what I put in mine and it works fine. It is a bit more than just swapping the ACM though. You have the Noise Cancelling in your Expedition and you will need an ACM that does that. If you dont you Amp with give you problems along with lots of DTC’s. An ACM without this will still work though.

The other thing is you will need the 2 extra wires in your harness from the ACM to the APIM. Ford did not add these till the 2020 Expedition. There are lots of threads about adding these.

You than need Forscan to properly configure your ACM and APIM. You will also need to turn on the Sirius X40 in your APIM.

SiriusXM Upgrade with X40 Capable ACM.
Key Requirements:

CGEA 1.3 vehicle.
(Possible with CGEA 1.2?, unknown.)

K*** series APIM with or without NAV.
Hardware GU5T-14G380-ED or 1U5T-14G380-EE or later.

APIM Strategy firmware must be 1U5T-14G374-D* or -E*.

ACM must be late 2019 or 2020/2021.
Preferred 2020 or 2021 with old style connectors. The ACM must have SDARS X40 capability with newer chipsets.
ACM examples:
KL3T-18D832-BH SDARS w/o HDR (2019 F-150)
KL3T-18D832-CH SDARS w/HDR (2019 F-150)
KL3T-18D832-FJ SDARS w/HDR (2019 F-150)
LT4T-18D818-BC SDARS w/o HDR (2020 Edge)
LT4T-18D818-CC SDARS w/HDR (2020 Edge)
MT4T-18D818-BC SDARS w/o HDR (2021 Edge)
MT4T-18D818-CC SDARS w/HDR (2021 Edge)

The wiring for the SDL/DRDL must be in place.
Additional wiring required:
VMEF7 APIM pin 51 to ACM pin 6 CTRL MOD - Audio Head Unit DRDL_TX_+
VMEF8 APIM pin 52 to ACM pin 19 CTRL MOD - Audio Head Unit DRDL_TX_-

Asbuilt changes:
7DO-08-01 xxxX xxxx xxxx
X40 setting=X40, Message setting=Legacy.
SiriusXM must be enabled in the APIM.
Match existing ACM asbuilt as close as possible.
SiriusXM must be enabled in the ACM.

Is there an easy way of telling if the unit has noise cancellation or not by looking at it or is there a database to look up the model of the unit that has that information.

Here is my info.
APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: JR3T-14G371-CHA
Calibration level: JR3T-14G371-CJG
Strategy : HB5T-14G374-CA
Calibration: HB5T-14G375-CA

ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: KL1T-18D818-CA
Calibration level: KL1T-18D818-CA
Strategy : KL1T-14G195-CA

My J series seems to have a later Hardware version than GU5T-14G380-ED but not the Strategy firmware. If it can be updated with newer strategy, would it work?

If not then K series it is. Does the K series require new screen?

Is there a database of ACM model numbers that tells you their capabilities?

Just to clarify, you want the replacement ACM to match the original ACM asbuilt data as much as possible.

You will see a microphone in front of the Dome light in the Third-row seat.

Thanks. I was thinking more about the ACM. If there was a way of telling if it had noise cancelation abilities.

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As an aside. I noticed that the calibration on my APIM is for a Non-Nav unit (HB5T-14G375-CA) based another topic on this forum and not for a Nav unit (HB5T-14G375-DA) despite having navigation on the unit. Not sure what to make of that.

@F150Chief knows far more about the calibrations than I do.

For the ACM I would look for ones that have the VIN. Then run the VIN in the Ford AB tool and look for the NC option turned on. Mine came from another guy on here and he said it was from an F150 with NC that he had already done the research on.

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Likely not. The hardware and firmware need to support the additional connections mentioned above.

You can reuse the existing screen.

If you find one let me know…

This one is not tested and may not work.
ACM - Audio Control Module
Part number: KL1T-18D818-CA

Noise cancelation: Most all ACM’s have the capability, but the vehicle needs to be wired for the microphones. All Sony and B&O systems will be equipped with NC.

Not really an issue, but it should be the -DA file. If you need to get a K-series APIM, kind of a moot point.

What is the difference between Message setting=Legacy and Message setting=New?
My vehicle AsBuilt X=0
The Donor Vehicle AsBuilt X=7
Based on your guidence I should set X= 2 or 3.

This is for the CANBUS messaging and the newer CGEA versioning. You vehicle would be considered legacy. Vehicles from 2020 onward would mostly be considered as the ‘new’ setting.


@F150Chief I have a question that is slightly off topic.
If the reason ypu should not use the reformat option in Sync3 Updater on a MY20 APIM is because it installs display drivers incompatible to the screen, then could that APIM be used with the older screen?

That is correct.

I use a 21 (L Series) APIM with my 2018 screen if that helps. Has been working just fine.

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So the units are not technically “bricked” if they replace the screen with an older version. That is nice to know.

That does help. So it would mean that the L-series APIM have both the newer and older display drivers and the ‘reformat’ procedure only installs the older driver.

So, it would follow that with a L Series APIM attached to an older model screen, you could use the ‘reformat’ option and the only thing you would lose is the ability to use newer model screens.

Does that sound right?

I am not brave enough to try and reformat my L Series and see. It upgrades easily with the newest Sync files and I know how to trick the APIM to get the Nav updates installed so I have no plan to reformat.

I understand. What model L Series did you use?

I don’t know, LOL. I thought I had the model number sitting here somewhere but I guess I dont.

Where did you source the pins to add to the connectors for the additional wiring needed?

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