No FM station logos?

I have an NA 2018 Explorer and updated to 3.4.20196, I’m trying to find out why I don’t have and how I can enable the FM station logo’s and calm screen and am a bit confused. A lot of topics I’ve seen mainly talk about Sirius logos (which I don’t care about) and DAB configuration which I don’t believe applies to NA vehicles if I understand it correctly?

For North America:
FM and HD radio logos are entirely up to the stations broadcasting.
SiriusXM logos are contained in the Sync software, but Sirius also updates logos OTA.
DAB is mostly EU only. There is no DAB in the US, at least in this context.
Calm screen can be enabled with FORScan. It is not an option available thru the Sync menus. Being you have a 2018 Explorer, your APIM might need a firmware update to enable it anyways.
Hope this helps…

Okay good to know, I checked a few local stations and none of them showed logos which lead me to believe there was something amiss or something that I would need to enable. I’ll have to mess around in ForScan later and see if I can get calm screen to stick, otherwise not even going to mess with firmware to get it workig.

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Go to the APIM Asbuilt Database

7D0-02-03: #X##-##
4= OTM Not Available, Calm Screen Enabled, EnhDAB Disabled, AACF Enabled

For US vehicle in NA.

Awesome thanks. Calm screen seems to be sticking after enabling it. Did a couple restarts and all is good.

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There is any way to open the radio logos .IMG and add missing logos? with last stable 21020 some radios have logo correctly on the FM frequency but missing logo on DAB version of same radio. any suggestion? img file is impossible to open for my and i try a lot of programs

no all packages are signed.

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