Ordered a SYNC 4 APIM, lets see what happens once it arrives!

The local wifi on the APIM is only used as a backup to the TCU in a Sync 4 setup. If you were to set up an APIM, TCU, and GWM with the private networking (ETH) along with HS4 you might get it to work that way. It will not work on it’s own as far as I have seen.

And more than likely change the VIN in the BCM to the Donor VIN to spoof it to the Ford computers. Than change it back once you have the update. I have done this successfully with SYNC 3.

To jump in on this, I believe I mentioned it before but every update on a module from the new FNV platform (so SYNC 4) is VIN specific and the installation manifest is encrypted and signed by Ford for that VIN. So even if you install a module and somehow get an update package you will not be able to update it. Spoofing the VIN will also not work for OTAs as Ford’s backend servers do a whole vehicle network check prior to issuing updates. If any software/module is missing from the vehicle or is not in the expected configuration, there will be no OTA provided.

TLDR - updates will never work on retrofitted modules unless someone can crack the installation manifest and get past a digital signature check.

I only spoof the VIN with the downloaded updates on Sync 3 and it’s really only necessary for Map updates.

Yes, it’ll work for sync 3.

Guys, I want to test sync 4 on the bench. Can anyone share a wiring diagram how to connect it with GWM 2019? Or there’s anything else needed? Thanks

2019 GWM is probably a J or K series. It will not work with Sync 4.

I mounted sync4 in fusion 2017.