PHEV Ford fusion charging time notification

Hi, I’ve updated my sync 3 to 3.4 using syn3updater and after the update I’m getting vehicle charge notification every time I turn off my car. Also the Charge now / value charge buttons seem to do nothing

Here is some reference material:
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@Vchat20 might have some input on this…

Thanks, but I don’t even have a modem, and before the update everything worked (My go times, charging schedule, etc)

Yours does have a modem. All plug-in vehicles were equipped and more importantly it is what actually operates the Value Charge/Go Times features. Usually if the Value Charge/Charge Now toggles are inop, it means the modem/TCU is misbehaving. Look for the ‘Cellular Passport’ fuse on yours and pull it for about a minute and reinstall. This will power cycle that and likely Sync as well. Functionality should be restored.

As far as the charge screen popup when the vehicle is turned off, I have not been able to find a setting for this in the APIM. I get the same thing on my C-Max and just assume it is normal.

Also as a semi-unrelated FYI: Unless you have followed up with Ford to get the modem upgraded to a 4G model, it is likely currently equipped with a 3G model which will have no connectivity back to Ford. However even with that in mind, it is still functional for the mentioned features here. If you want, you can get the modem/TCU ESN from the About screen in Sync and post it here and we can figure out what you have installed.

My 2020 Fusion Plug in came with 3.4 and has always done this.

Ok, thank you a lot for valuable information, I’ll check the fuse today. Btw, I just looked in my phone and found photos of about screen before the update and even then it’s not showed up ESN for the modem. It’s an imported car from the USA and I assumed modem is either disabled somehow or been taken out before selling for some reason. I’m pretty sure after the update there is no ESN either, wich I’ll check shortly.

I believe notification should show only when ‘value charge’ setting is enabled, in my case I didn’t enabled that setting, it’s become enabled after the update and I can’t disable it because charge now button does nothing. I think that the 5:34, that’s being shown in the notification is being calculated from 12:00 + estimated charge time via 120v(which I never used, 'cause we have 240v grid)

ESN doesn’t showing

So, after reconnecting the fuse, next charge start now shows as ‘at plug-in’, but buttons still not work, and still no ESN

As I understood, new modem with 4g will fix all the problems?

Sorry. Meant to reply on this previously. The existing modem should still work for these functions. But if you do the fuse pull and all and they still don’t work and the ESN doesn’t show, the old modem may have failed. As a last ditch effort I’d try a master reset if you haven’t already just to rule out Sync not misbehaving. And I assume you’ve made no AsBuilt changes?

If the modem has indeed failed, Ford will automatically replace it with a 4G model as the fix. They’re no longer allowed to install the older 3G models. The upgrade unfortunately isn’t free but it would definitely resolve the issue at hand. As a bonus you would gain access again to using FordPass for remote functions (remote start/lock/unlock, viewing fuel/battery levels, location, etc…) if that matters to you.

EDIT: Also just reviewing the owners manual for your MY and the right fuse. Should be fuse 10 in the passenger fuse box. It lists as the ‘Cell phone passport module’ and ‘Keypad’ and is a 5A fuse.

Thanks for the detailed answer, I’ve done only sync update, jailbreak, custom mods on it, ESN never showed up even before updates/mods, as I bought the car used, I believe it came with failed modem. Actually I want to replace modem for FordPass too, but unfortunately I’m far far away from USA and dealerships, so I need to buy used one, made for Europe (I assume European modems work in my region). I did a lot of research but I’m not certainly sure what series I should buy for it to be able to work with Energi model and in European bandwith, so I’m stuck, also I’m not really sure if I can do firmware upgrade/downgrades myself.

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