FordPass and Fusion Energi, 4G EUR TCU

Guys, I’m gonna replace my 3G modem with 4G, the K-series modem. I own Fusion Energi 2016 and wonder if someone has GoTimes and all the battery-related functionality available in FordPass after retrofitting 4G TCU. I’ve learned from many forums that K-series modems should be downgraded to J-series, however in this case GoTimes and related functionality doesn’t work. Hope to get some help here. Thanks.
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I had Ford upgrade mine. I have Fuel and Battery showing. It does show Departure Times as they dont use Go Times anymore. Not sure what version Ford put in mine.

Thanks. I’m aware that Ford will put H-series TCU, which are known to work fine with Energi cars. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to downgrade K/J-series to H.

You’re likely going to be out of luck on the J/K series TCU’s. There is a necessary firmware upgrade on the H series for Go Times/Value Charging to work. That firmware update will not work with the J/K ones.

Yes, I’m aware, thanks. But it’s not possible to find H-series for EU region, I really doubt they exist. So, my guess, there has to be a solution.

Short of Ford having released the necessary firmware update on J/K series TCU’s to enable Value Charging/Go Times, that’s going to be a dead end. Those features are specifically operated from within the TCU itself. Without a proper TCU with the needed firmware, you aren’t going to get anywhere. If I recall correctly, a couple of members have already tried this and have been unsuccessful.

Additionally, so far all 4G upgrade TCU’s for Energi and plug-in vehicles (C-Max Energi, Fusion Energi, Focus Electric, etc.) have been exclusively H series. In fact there was an update to the 4G upgrade program here stateside where they have yet another H TCU Part # to replace the original H upgrade TCU on vehicles that had failed upgrades initially. So far we haven’t seen anything other than H TCU’s in this entire process.

That would also likely add another wrinkle being you’re in the EU is that the TCU’s do seem to be region specific so a NA TCU would not work for you. And it is very possible the H series TCU’s destined for the EU region are not the same parts as what’s here stateside and thus not compatible with the necessary firmware. It should be noted that the official 4G TCU upgrade program here stateside applies to vehicles that were never offered anywhere but North America.

I was going to suggest as a long shot to check out TCU’s for the Mach E and F-150 Lightning but based off what I’ve read about the vehicle architecture on those, I highly doubt their TCU’s would retrofit cleanly into a 2016 Fusion.


From what you show here you are placing a J series TCU. (JL3T-14G087-CF) An EU J series should work fine in the 2016 Fusion Energi, it will just need some asbuilt parameters adjusted for the data collection. I don’t know about the “GoTimes” functionality, but I will check to see if it is available in the firmware.

EDIT: The “GoTimes” parameters are only in some K and L series TCU’s, but not all depending on vehicle support. They are not included in the J sereis TCU or firmware for the J seires TCU’s. So, in order to get the “GoTimes” parameters, you will need a higher end K or L series TCU. (There are lower end TCU packages introduced in 2020 for cost savings.) The K and L series require HS4-CAN.

For the US folks, there is a new -UN version of software for the HU5T series used in the 4G retrofit. This has fixes for the firmware as @Vchat20 had explained earlier.

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The M series TCU’s are quite different in the software and firmware setups, and are not compatible with the L and lower series. Also, these require the use of the GWM and ethernet connections for funtionality.

Ok, thanks for this information. Do you happen to know which K/L series firmware is GoTimes capable? In this case I’ll try to retrofit HS4CAN in my Fusion. Thanks.

EDIT: Found this info, which is pretty interesting: 2019 Fusion Titanium runs a GEN4 APIM with V3.3 from the factory. It does not have the HS4 can bus. The TCU runs on HS3 but yet is a K series.

Do you have a VIN for that setup? I can check out the part numbers and firmware.

Nope, unfortunately, I don’t. I could do it as well if I had the VIN.

Ok, guys, good news. One of my friends confirmed, that the firmware above works fine with Energi cars and K/J series modems. To make it work he had to copy Asbuilt from Ford Kuga Energi to his TCU and in a couple of days GoTimes and all battery-related features started to work fine. I’m waiting for him to share the VIN code of the mentioned Kuga to check the config. By the way, he’s running 2013 Fusion Energi car.

Which firmware are you referring to? -UN?
Which modem version is this loaded onto?

I’m referring to K-series modems downgraded to J-series with the files I mentioned above.

This is a K series with the J series firmware as below? Just making sure I understand…I do not see the coding for Go Times in the Strategy or Calibration files listed below.

Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 14.35.07

Yes, you’ve got me right. Anyway, I’m still waiting from that guy to share TCU’s asbult config and some screenshots of the firmware which is being currently used on his car. I’ll keep you updated.

How about these files?
• JL3T-14G141-AA
• JL3T-14G139-CR
• JL3T-14G144-CR

I guess, they’re previous versions of the mentioned above. Do they contain the GoTimes related coding?

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Not sure how it is appearing in the firmware files, but as an FYI the terminology has changed. These features were called ‘Value Charging’ and ‘Go Times’ in the old 2G/3G MyFord Mobile platform. With 4G/FordPass they are now listed as ‘Preferred Charge Locations’ and ‘Departure Times’ respectively. Sync 3, even on the latest 3.4 revisions, still has the old terminology referenced.

Hilariously enough and classic Ford, they had the app references hardcoded in some of the displayed messages to where I think 3.3 and prior and MAYBE some early 3.4 builds referenced MyFord Mobile while later 3.4 versions all reference FordPass, Lincoln vehicles have their own conditions in the Sync code. And this is regardless of what TCU was installed or the app linked to the car at the time. On an unrelated ranty note, FordPass still pushes you to the MyFord Mobile app if the vehicle is still registered as having an old 3G TCU. And then MyFord Mobile says it is no longer active and leaves you at that. Fun for people unaware of what’s going on with all of this!

Those do not contain GoTimes, I checked those also. It could be I am just missing it, but when I check the K series files, it’s there.

These do appear in the J and K series firmware.