Playing Videos on sync 3.4 and adding wallpapers

So there are many videos of people playing videos from there sync 3 and 3.4 and adding your own wallpapers and even custom shutdown splash screens. How is this done? I cant find info anywhere? One of the guys with a video up responded and said it will cost me 1500 dollars for his software to do it. I just laughed. What is involved to do this? Example links below :-1:

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I’ve seen modules on sale on the interweds that promise video playback but can’t find any first hand experience.

It requires hardware to write files directly to an apim board, we’ve worked out how to do it but won’t be releasing it for a variety of reasons (specialist hardware, lots of software modification)

You mean like this :wink:

Yeah like Louage said it requires special hardware to write directly to the chip

How much are people willing to pay for the service?, they would need to send their APIM to us in the UK

i think iv figured out how to do it. though iv not tested it. I dont believe you need hardware to do this… I believe this wants to be kept secret. I just want to play videos in my car LOL. Im going to try figure it out myself. I might use linux for the writing part if i have problems in qnx. Ill have to write a video player script and see how i can on. Also want the wallpapers. I believe its a matter of editing and reading certain files. Modding them and replacing them back. I have seen someone say something about they are read only. This has been known about for 2 years by some people i cant believe such a simple modifcation has not been released. Whats the worst that can happen if someone makes fords software vulnerable? fords with stop/start buttom are the most stealable on the planet anyway.

You 100% need hardware but good luck, i have the hardware right in front of me hence how i have managed to do it.

There are ways with rooted android phones but they are clunky, this is a native solution using the native QNX media player.

Good luck writing the files to the Sync unit without hardware, the packages are signed with private keys of which you nor i have.

The reason it’s not been released is because it needs custom hardware, i won’t continue this discussion but you are wrong if you think you can do this with just software!

Also the last time information of a exploit was leaked ford’s legal team shut it down with a large amount of force.

That pretty much applied to MK7 fiestas and MK3 focus’s not anything newer nor anything older.

There is nothing in the public domain that suggests there is any way of getting unsigned code on the unit without hardware access.

I can provide the install files, you will require a apim eeprom reader (u-obd has them)

If you would rather send your APIM then i can also do it that way

Currently just loaded on qnx in a VM and going to check out the file system, im sure i can locate the 4 default wallpapers and add my own. I dont like being told no you cant do it, when i know its simple, Yes im guessing right now but ill figure it out. If i need some hardware ill buy it but im sure i can figure it out. I was a dev in the checkra1n JB for IOS. I dont really mess with android but how hard can it be. And by hardware you mean this?

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Also im sure i can code in a simple video player script, where yet i dont know as i need to explore the file system. Iv already been offered this service for 50 pounds and i said no. So im not going to pay 250 for something simple. Iv been also told on good grounds its getting release very shortly. But im going to have a play myself.


There is also a way to bypass the activation or how ever you want to call it. Maybe i can replace the full file rather than write driectly to it. Either that or ill try write to in it linux.

OK good luck, also my £250 product is for the files and the process it self not to have it done to 1 APIM like the usual £50 is.

i’m telling you you will need a hardware programmer like that one, without it you can’t bypass the signature check but you keep trying no worries.

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What has android got to do with this? android is not involved in playing video at all, you can mirror your phone in a completely different way but this specific modification is a direct filesystem modification to enable video playback via editing of multiple files, QNX is not android, android is not QNX

qnx is an android based file system. Its blackberrys file system thats why i made the reference to andriod. I would know it inside out if messed with android but i dont. QNX was one of the first commercially successful microkernel operating systems. As of 2020, it is used in a variety of devices including cars and mobile phones. So thats why i said it. As i said im new to it but its used in andriod based devices.

You making this sound impossible mate, Ill go into my sync 3.4 files. Ill open up apps.img among other files and snoop around. I can use QNX to read the files. Im sure ill find the location of the 4 default wallpapers. From there i can upload my own. As you say maybe i need hardware. I have not crossed that bridge yet. Id rather do it myself than pay someone. I understand its super secret, yet iv seen atleast 10 people that know about it and done it. I dont want to come across as rude… Thats not the issue. Everyone who knows how to do it learnt from another person. THATS A FACT. I want to learn also how to do it. Now i have a general idea of what to do and im not straighter to rooting around different file systems. So your saying i need an “apim eeprom reader”? Iv seen the one on u-obd… So this is what i need? and this will allow me to write to the eeprom?

QNX is definitely not Android, i’ve already got complete file system access.

Firstly QNX is a operating system not a file system.

QNXFS6 is what the images are

I completely understand wanting to do it yourself, how do you think i got it figured out? i did it myself.

You need a APIM eeprom reader yes. the one from U-OBD works fine.

As far as i know there are actually only 2 people who have done it, the others license it from that one other person for stupidly high prices, like 1000USD for example.

I know its an OS im running it in VM so clearly i know its an OS. Like mosts operating systems they run there own file system. Iv devoloped or had a hand in creating many things on IOS including one of biggest vulnerabilities in IOS in the past 10 years. I admit i know nothing about qnx but i can certainly figure it out. Look i do want help, i understand this should remain private and i have no desire to do anything but get more gadgets in my brand new car. Now if i read the files in qnx, im right to assume i just need to copy over my own wallpapers using the reader? For the video player i need to replace some code? I can write a simple video player script? There is a guy in essex doing it cheap (im based in manchester area)… It would be cheaper for me if i used him rather than buy the reader. But being a ford enthusiast and always modding them in a whole range of ways id rather DIY it.

Yes but it has literally 0 to do with Android

Sort off, i will let you figure that out :wink:

I know for a fact he licenses it from that one other guy that does it. i also have a reseller doing it in Sheffield with my files.

Same, i bought the equipment and figured it out, however i did it without help from others so i don’t want to make it easy for others to do the same.

Well i was told i can have my apim done for 50 pounds and ill have it all. But thats like 3 hours drive for me and being the type of person i am, id rather do it myself. What do you mean he licenses it from another guy? He has his own reader, he can write to the apim. What files are you referring to? You talking about the code for the video player or something? whos the guy in Sheffield? Thats not far from me. Whats he charging, probably more than the guy in essex i assume. haha yeah i guess ill have to figure that part out myself, im assuming wallpapers is the easy part. Maybe figuring out the video player with help be hard, its alright ill put in the hours lol.