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I have a 2020 f150 with sync 3 version 3.4.23118 and I loose preset pages with each key cycle. Took it to the dealership and they replace the APIM but that did not fix the problem. They want to charge me again to diagnose the problem that they previously diagnosed as a faulty APIM. Please help

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.4.20220

New SYNC Version: 3.4.23188

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
Don’t know

Update Method: Official Ford

Contrary to popular belief presets are stored in the ACM. More than likely the problem is not the APIM but is in the ACM. Even loss of power will not erase them so I would focus on the ACM.

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Can confirm, when i replaced my SYNC 3 with SYNC 4 and back to SYNC 3 i kept my presets.

It isn’t loosing the presets, but rather the preset pages. If I set it to have 6 pages of presets (30 presets total) the next time I start the truck it has 5 pages then 4, 3,2,1 then 0. When I set it back to 6 pages, all the stored presets are still there.

Are you using Forscan?

Was it fine before the 3.4.23188 update?

There appears to be a problem/quirk with later versions from 22251 on losing presets upon restarts.

I find that if you wait 5 seconds or so when entering the car before starting the engine the sync system usually reverts to where it was left at last shutdown, the preset pages in your case.

Obviously this is not a satisfactory solution but may be worth a try just to see if it works in your case.

I have FORScan but I haven’t done anything to try and diagnose this issue myself. I took it to the dealership for them to diagnose/repair because it was still under warranty at the time. While waiting for the APIM that they diagnosed as the problem to come in the warranty ran out. I took it in yesterday for them to complete the repair and picked it up last night after they told me it was “fixed” and after stopping at the gas station on the way home and shutting the truck off and restarting it I discovered that the problem still existed. Texted the service advisor that the problem still hadn’t been resolved and he replied this morning saying that it would be $140 diagnostic fee but that the APIM was covered for 12mo/12K miles and if it was a faulty module they installed but if it’s something else it the $140 would go towards that repair. Clearly they misdiagnosed the issue to begin with and in my opinion should still be covered under warranty because they failed to properly diagnose and repair it while it was.

This has been an ongoing since shortly after buying the truck new in Dec of 20. I don’t recall exactly when it started but it was within a few months of then. If I had to guess it was after the first automatic OTA update. I also don’t know what version it had when it was new or how many times it has updated since but I had hoped that the last update to the current version was going to fix the problem, but it didn’t.

Did you try what I suggested just to see if it made any difference?

Are you doing this thru FORScan?
What setting are you using?

It is likely what you are seeing is the rwdata partition is filling up and you are losing the recent memory info from the ACM. You can easily see if this is the issue by running the Interrogator Utility and looking at the rwdata partition free space. If your truck updated over OTA to 3.4.23188, then the partition was not cleared since the OTA update does not use the RWData Cleaner. You can run the RWData Cleaner using the Syn3 Updater.

APIM Sync Settings Not Saving, VER_ERR08 Errors, Cannot Perform Master Reset or Upgrades/Updates (Solved) - Ford / Information - CyanLabs Official Community

Symptoms may include:

  • General user settings are not saving.
  • SiriusXM logos not fully populating.
  • FordPass not working properly, or at all.
  • Cannot perform updates or downgrades. VER_ERR08.
  • Master Reset does not function or hangs.
  • Wi-Fi connections not saved.
  • Backup camera delay not working.
  • Ambient light settings are not saved.
  • Language settings are not saved.
  • Number of pages for audio presets not saved.
  • Screen illumination set to AUTO instead of night.
  • Touchscreen beeps are not present, even though the beeps are enabled.
  • At each start of the car, Sync displays a standard message about sending data and enabling automatic updates.

Thanks, but I haven’t worried about it.
Only a minor issue. It sometimes just restarts on FM radio instead of where it left off on my USB music but I just tend to wait a short while after entering the car before starting the engine and it picks up the preset correctly. This has been the case with versions 3.4.22251, 23088 and the latest 23188.
Currently if I turn sync off and straight back on again it normally won’t preset to where it left off but I just use voice or source to put it back to the USB setting.

Syn3 3.4.23188 log file.txt (3.4 KB)

Does the log look normal please?

Looks fine, do you suspect an issue?

Have you run the RWData Cleaner on your system?

No, I haven’t. Everything works fine and when I uploaded the latest 3.4.23188 version to the car I just assumed it would correct any space issues of the past regarding presets. It is only a minor issue and I don’t even know whether it is caused by a space issue.

I just know the basics re Cyanlabs updates and didn’t want to stuff something up by running RWData cleaner.

I assume it is just a matter of downloading it from the sync updater utility section on USB (7gig ok?) and uploading it in the car to create more space and hopefully fix any preset problems?

Do I need to upload 3.4.23188 again or just the data cleaner?

Many thanks for advice.

Just run the data cleaner, 8GB usb would work. I have run the cleaner on many vehicles with no issues. You do not have to reinstall any software. Power cycle the APIM after you run the cleaner to reboot.

But, I would run the Interrogator Utility first, save the file to your PC, then run the cleaner and then the Interrogator again after. You can compare the storage and see how much older data was in the system that was never purged.

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Ran the data cleaner…made no difference.
Perhaps this quirk still exists with 3.4.23188 and maybe it will be sorted with the next update.

Or perhaps there is a issue with my APIM or whatever. In any case it is only a minor inconvenience to put it back on USB music on the odd occasion it occurs.

Could not get interrogator log from car, MEM ERR4 for some reason but it doesn’t matter.

Many thanks for suggestions and help.

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