APIM Sync Settings Not Saving, VER_ERR08 Errors, Cannot Perform Master Reset or Upgrades/Updates (Solved)

APIM Sync Settings Not Saving, VER_ERR08 Errors, Cannot Perform Master Reset or Upgrades/Updates.


If you are experiencing APIM Sync settings that are not saving, cannot perform a Master Reset or upgrades/updates or downgrades, and/or you have received a VER_ERR08 error during an update, you may have an issue where the temporary storage is full. In the case of the VER_ERR08 error, the full error message is: VER_ERR08 – Error is VER_SETTING_VER_INFO_ERROR. This error may be generated by a condition where data cannot be processed or saved on the system due to inadequate free storage/memory. This lack of sufficient storage space affects the ability of the APIM to process tasks, save settings, etc.

From the CyanLabs Community Forum:

There’s an ongoing issue where the /fs/rwdata partition is getting full, triggering some issues with settings going back to defaults and problems upgrading to a different version. Check these threads for reference and workarounds:

It’s not yet clear if this is 3.4.22251 specific or not, users that have those issues are currently testing other builds.

NOTE: This issue affects versions 3.4.22251 and 3.4.23088 only. See the official Ford solution below.


Symptoms may include:

  • General user settings are not saving.
  • SiriusXM logos not fully populating.
  • FordPass not working properly, or at all.
  • Cannot perform updates or downgrades. VER_ERR08.
  • Master Reset does not function or hangs.
  • Wi-Fi connections not saved.
  • Backup camera delay not working.
  • Ambient light settings are not saved.
  • Language settings are not saved.
  • Number of pages for audio presets not saved.
  • Screen illumination set to AUTO instead of night.
  • Touchscreen beeps are not present, even though the beeps are enabled.
  • At each start of the car, Sync displays a standard message about sending data and enabling automatic updates.


The quickest method to diagnose the issue is to run the Interrogator Utility logging tool. The Interrogator Utility logging tool can be run from the Syn3 Updater or using the instructions outlined in Tutorial: APIM Interrogator Utility/Create Interrogator Log - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community.

The /fs/rwdata partition is a partition with logs and user data. If the partition is full, this would cause issues with losing settings and not being able to perform updates. This partition contains folders “fordlogs”, “slogs”, and “dumps” among others, which contents are supposed to be temporary, but may have run the partition full. Deleting these logfiles would free up space in the partition which should fix the issue.

This is an example of an Interrogator Utility Log showing the /fs/rwdata partition has no free space.

Partition Type = Total / Free
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“465M” available=“3.2M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/” total=“1.2G” available=“0”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/mp/” total=“496K” available=“17K”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/mp/” total=“1.4G” available=“505M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/images/” total=“25G” available=“24G”/>

If the above conditions exist where the /fs/rwdata partition is full, then continue to the possible solutions below. If the Interrogator Utility log indicates there is free space available in the /fs/rwdata partition, then there is likely another issue with the APIM, such as a corrupted installation, memory, settings, or asbuilt. Typical free space available in the /fs/rwdata partition usually will show about 500-900MB, however, this value can vary.

Official Ford Solution

Using Syn3 Updater (version or newer) navigate to the Utility Tab and create a RW Data Cleaner USB
Manually prepare a USB using PU5T-14G386-BB and a correctly formatted autoinstall.lst file

Once that USB has been inserted into your car and completed your RWData partition will be cleared, from there you can update as you originally intended.

NOTE: All solutions below are no longer required since Ford has released an official fix, however for historical reasons they are listed below.

Historical Solutions

Read this document fully before starting any actions. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions as outlined below. CyanLabs or the contributors are not responsible for your actions.


There are several possible solutions for the conditions described above. These include soft resets, official ford tool and reformats.

Soft Reset

There is a reset procedure for Sync of performing 2 reboots in a row, one right after the other, that can clear errors and free memory being used by temporary files. This is effective for the BGMAP and other errors also. Using the Soft Reset option will free up some storage/memory for the short term in perform a reformat and/or upgrades/downgrades. This procedure does not normally clear any user settings, stored phones, nav destinations, etc.

  1. If possible, perform a Master Reset under Settings > General > Reset. This may not be possible, and the unit will hang. If the unit hangs while trying to perform a Master Reset, try performing a key cycle first to see if that helps completing the Master Reset. Continue with the steps below.
  2. Once the unit has fully rebooted, perform two soft reboots in a row.
  3. Hold the power button and next track (seek >) button on the center console interface at the same time for about 5 seconds or until the screen goes black. The APIM will reboot, and the system will restart.
  4. Once the first soft reboot is done, perform the second soft reboot as above.
  5. Once the system is back up after the second soft reboot, try to run the update, etc.

There is another method of this using FORScan to reset the APIM a couple of times. This is effectively the same as above. Be aware that this procedure will not completely clear the /fs/rwdata logs but will usually make enough free space to be able to run the reformat tool or upgrades. The upgrade (or downgrade) process will not clear the /fs/rwdata partition. It is recommended that you perform a reformat or run the scripting to clear the left-over logs and data from the rwdata partition.


A reformat will clear the /fs/rwdata partition. This will also clear all user settings including stored phones, nav destinations, etc.

NOTE: DO NOT reformat a MY20+ APIM. If the unit is MY20+, you cannot use the reformat procedure.

If the unit is not MY20+, and you are running Sync 3 prior to version 3.4.19200, it is possible to directly reformat the unit. Follow the instructions in the Syn3 Updater to perform a reformat. You may need to perform the Soft Reset procedure above to free up space to run the procedure.

If the unit is not MY20+, and you are running Sync 3 later than version 3.4.19200, you will need to use the Syn3 Updater to downgrade the unit before you can use the reformat tool. This might not be possible, and you will likely need to perform the Soft Reset procedure above to free up enough space to run the downgrade procedure.

FMods Jailbreak

Using a jailbreak and the appropriate scripting, you can clear the /fs/rwdata partition. Details on the procedure to jailbreak your APIM can be found at [GUIDE] How to Jailbreak your APIM - FMods. You will need to register on the website. Again, you will likely need to perform the Soft Reset procedure above to free up space to run the procedure. Questions regarding jailbreaking the APIM should be directed to the FMods forum.

NOTE: This is the only option at this time to completely clear the contents of the /fs/rwdata partition for MY20+ APIM’s, as you cannot use the reformat tool. Using the Soft Reset option will free up some storage/memory for the short term, however.

Once you have completed the jailbreak, you can use this script to clear the /fs/rwdata folder. The popup text is provided to verify the script is running and is optional.

Script file name: autoinstall.sh



function displayMessage {
echo “${1}” >> /fs/usb0/SyncMyMod/install.log
echo “${1}” >> $POPUP
/fs/rwdata/dev/utserviceutility popup $POPUP
#echo “${1}”

displayMessage “Deleting /fs/fordlogs”
rm -r /fs/rwdata/fordlogs/*

displayMessage “Deleting /fs/slogs”
rm -r /fs/rwdata/slogs/*

displayMessage “Deleting /fs/dumps”
rm -r /fs/rwdata/dumps/*

displayMessage “Script complete.”

Thanks to users @ryansmerdon and @Jordan for the scripting and assistance.