Re-install Gracenote

What is your SYNC Region? NA (USA)

Do you have Navigation? Non-Nav

What region is your SYNC APIM? NA

What was your old SYNC Version? 3.0.20204

What is your new SYNC Version? STILL 3.0.20204

Do you have a error message, if so what is it? None

How did you update, Ford Website / CyanLabs Website / Syn3 Updater? Sync3 Updater–Gracenote removal utility

If you answered Syn3 Updater above;

  • What version of Syn3 Updater did you use?

  • Have you read the documentation at Syn3 Updater Documentation - CyanLabs ? Yes

  • Please paste your log output or provide the URL to your log file below
    (Log files can be found on the root of your USB drive or in %localappdata%\CyanLabs\Syn3Updater\Logs)

    CYANLABS - SYN3 UPDATER - V2.10.6.0
    Branch: Stable
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 Home (2009)
    Version: 3.0.20204
    Region: EU
    Navigation: False
    Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall)
    Install Mode Overridden: False
    My20 Protection Enabled: Disabled / Not MY20
    Mode: Drive
    Model: SCSI DISK USB Device
    FileSystem: exFAT
    Partition Type: MBR
    ; CyanLabs Syn3Updater Stable - Autoinstall Mode - Gracenotes Removal 
    Item1 = TOOL - GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
    Open1 = SyncMyRide\GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
    Options = AutoInstall
    FILES (10)
    HB5T-14G386-THB.tar.gz (24.7KB)
    HB5T-14G386-TBC.tar.gz (31.9KB)
    GB5T-14G386-SC.tar.gz (1.8KB)
    JR3T-14G391-BF.tar.gz (1GB)
    JR3T-14G381-AX.tar.gz (407.3MB)
    JR3T-14G423-BB.tar.gz (736.4MB)
    GB5T-14G386-AC.tar.gz (43.1KB)
    GB5T-14G386-AB_134244.tar.gz (43.1KB)
    Sync_VV4RA882_1FTEW1EP9GKExxxxx.xml (10.1KB)
    GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz (1.8KB)
    [10/31/2021 12:44:31 PM] Selected Region:  - Release: Gracenotes Removal - Map Version:  
    [10/31/2021 12:44:31 PM] Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall) Forced: False 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:31 PM] MY20 Protection: Disabled / Not MY20 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:31 PM] Formatting USB drive
    [10/31/2021 12:44:31 PM] Re-creating partition table as MBR and formatting as ExFat on selected USB drive
    [10/31/2021 12:44:38 PM] Checking Existing File: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:38 PM] Downloading: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz
    [10/31/2021 12:44:39 PM] Validating: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:39 PM] Downloaded: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:39 PM] Preparing USB drive
    [10/31/2021 12:44:39 PM] Checking Existing File: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:39 PM] Copying: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:42 PM] Validating: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:42 PM] Copied: GB5T-14G386-SC_85041.tar.gz 
    [10/31/2021 12:44:42 PM] Generating Autoinstall.lst


Version JR3T-14G381-AX
APIM Model: Blank
APIM Type: Non-Navigation 
APIM Size: 8GB 
APIM Free Space: 2.6G 
10/31/2021 1:07:34 PM +00:00

Partition Type = Free / Total
/fs/usb0/ = 5.3G / 7.5G
/fs/tmpfs/ = 127M / 128M
/fs/sd/MAP/ = 1.9M / 139M
/fs/Nuance/ = 5.4M / 1.3G
/fs/rwdata/ = 658M / 1024M
/fs/mp/ = 40M / 1024M
/fs/images/ = 2.6G / 4.2G

Installed Packages

APIM AsBuilt

I wanted to remove Gracenotes per the 3.0 to 3.4 instructions, and used the tool inside of Syn3Update to do so.

I later read about the missing Sirius XM channel art and radio logos that might be missing after update (without some APIM reprogramming, which I’m uncomfortable with). Since preparing my upgrade USB key, I got cold feet, and when trying to re-select my original version to merely restore the file, it only gives me version 3.3xx and up of Sync3 to select–not my 3.0.20204.

Creating a new profile inside Syn3Update doesn’t solve this. Formatting the USB drive I use doesn’t help fix this.

How would I go about re-installing just the Gracenotes from my 3.0.20204 version (I understand that the version of Gracenotes doesn’t change for quite a few point releases–version

What you could try is the following:

  • Go to and search for the desired Gracenote version
  • Dowload the file
  • Use a exFAT USB stick (not drive/Disk), create a SyncMyRide folder in it with the downloaded file in it
  • Create an autoinstall.lst file on the USB’s root with:

Open1 = SyncMyRide\FILE-NAME.TAR.GZ
Options = Autoinstall

You can also check this thread for more information about manually installing gracenotes: Tutorial: No Gracenotes After Sync 3.4 Installation. Manual Installation Instructions

Gracenotes does not contribute to SiriusXM logos. The SiriusXM channel logos are contained in the Sync app build, unless they are special event channels which are then updated over the air. You can go to the SiriusXM website and send a refresh to your radio. Sometimes this will kick start the special event channel data and refresh the logos.

As a test about a year ago, I deleted GN from Sync 3.4 and retained all the SiriusXM logos and local media (USB Media) album art, etc. If you have media with complete tags, you don’t need GN. Using CarPlay with streaming from the iPhone was hit and miss on the album art, but it really is dependent on the streaming data, not GN. I would suspect AA would be similar.

The GN file for 3.0.20204 for NA (North America) is JR3T-14G423-CB_1548263512000.TAR.GZ ( (NA-0010)).
You can use the Global file (-BB) if you wish.

There is no APIM programming that will bring back the SiriusXM logos. The logos will just repopulate after the Sync 3.4 update just as they would after a Sync 3.0 update.

The NON-NAV units are notorious for having issues with SiriusXM logos. According to the Interrogator Utility xml file output you have the maps application installed on your unit. But no maps. It looks like someone tried to install maps on the unit.
GB5T-14G421-EH 56Mb Sync3 v1.0.15050 NA.1.14 (19.02.2015) app w/o map.

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