Tutorial: No Gracenotes After Sync 3.4 Installation. Manual Installation Instructions

After installing Sync 3.4 thru the Syn3 Updater, depending on the region you may not see Gracenotes installed on the vehicle. This is due to Sync hardware storage limitations for current or future installations and the deletion of Gracenotes was necessary to upgrade to Sync 3.4 because of file size of the newer app. (Sync 3.4 is nearly twice the size as Sync 3.2+) However, depending on the storage available after the upgrade, it is sometimes possible to re-install Gracenotes manually. Please read this post completely before proceeding.

If you decide to install Gracenotesā€¦

  • Something to keep in mind is that CyanLabs does not implement this in the Syn3 Updater application. Therefore, they do not officially support this procedure.
  • It is not guaranteed that Gracenotes will install successfully on your unit.
  • NON-NAV units will generally not have the storage available to install Sync 3.4 app, voice, and Gracenotes.
  • NAV units may have enough storage based on the unit originating region, and the region in which they are currently programmed.
  • It is advised that you run the APIM Interrogator Utility to determine the specifics of your particular Sync unit installed in your vehicle. This is optional but can be found here:
    Tutorial: APIM Interrogator Utility

Installation Instructions:

  1. Ensure that Gracenotes is not installed by looking at the IVSU screen in the unit, or the About Sync Info page. The Gracenotes file will not be listed if not installed, and the About Sync Info page will not show a version. On the IVSU screen, we are looking for 4U5T-14G423-xx. In the example below, the file does not appear, as it is not installed on the unit.


  2. Download the appropriate file you need for your region. Below are the current Gracenotes files for Sync 3.4. The files can be found in the APIM IVSU Database link below.
    4U5T-14G423-AA 709Mb Sync3 v3.3.18082 (EU-0010) (17.02.2017): EU (1)
    4U5T-14G423-BA 743Mb Sync3 v3.3.18082 (GL-0011) (17.02.2017): Global EU (2)
    4U5T-14G423-CA 724Mb Sync3 v3.3.18082 (NA-0010) (19.02.2017): NA (9)
    4U5T-14G423-DA 717Mb Sync3 v3.3.18082 (GL-0011) (17.02.2017): ANZ (8)
    4U5T-14G423-EA 497Mb Sync3 v3.3.18082 (CN-0010) (19.02.2017): ENU,MNC (10)
    4U5T-14G423-FA 741Mb Sync3 v3.3.18082 (GL-0011) (17.02.2017): ROW (4)

  • (*) See Language/Country Definitions below.
  1. This installation will be run identically to an app or voice file install. Follow the instructions below:
    a. Create a USB drive (format as EXFAT) with a SyncMyRide folder.
    b. Copy the Gracenotes file downloaded above into the SyncMyRide folder.
    c. In the root of the USB is the autoinstall.lst and DONTINDX.MSA files which you can obtain from any upgrade you have previously performed.
    d. You will need to edit the autoinstall.lst file so it looks like the example below but replace ā€˜filenameā€™ with the actual file name you downloaded. (Example: 4U5T-14G423-AA_123694.tar.gz)

    Autoinstall.lst contents:
    Item1 = filename.tar.gz
    Open1 = SyncMyRide\filename.tar.gz
    Options = Autoinstall

  2. Insert USB in vehicle and wait for the installation to complete. You should see a message indicating completion. If you do not see the Updating System Softwareā€¦ message at the top of the screen and more than 20 minutes have passed, the installation has probably aborted due to insufficient storage space.


  3. Remove the USB drive and reboot Sync. (Sync may reboot by itself. If not, shut down ignition and open door. Wait for vehicle to fully shut down.)

  4. Start ignition and check the About Sync Info page or the IVSU screen for confirmation of successful installation.

  5. Enjoy your Gracenotesā€¦

This procedure can be used for any version of Sync 3.0, 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4. Files needed can be found here:

Language/Country Definitions:
(10) ENU,MNC

CZC - Czech
ARW - Arabic
CZC - Czech
DAD - Danish
DUN - Dutch
ENA - Australian English
ENG - British English
ENI - Indian English
ENU - American English
FRC - Canadian French
FRF - French
GED - German
ITI - Italian
KOK - Korean
MNC - Chinese Mandarin
MNT - Taiwanese Mandarin
NON - Norwegian
PLP - Polish
PTB - Brazilian Portuguese
PTP - Portuguese
RUR - Russian
SPE - Spanish
SPM - Mexican Spanish
SWS - Swedish
THT - Thai
TRT - Turkish

- Thanks to aziz al-ali for the nice picturesā€¦

As a troubleshooting aid you can also remove Gracenotes from your Sync system if desired: Tutorial: Removal of Gracenotes

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