Sync 3.4.20351 - Feedback & Issues

Ich versuche mal die Logdatei hochzuladen
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Es hat geklappt
Mein Feedback sieht sehr positiv aus.Habe bisher noch keine Bugs gefunden.
Liebe Grüße
I’ll try to upload the log file
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It’s worked out
My feedback looks very positive; I haven’t found any bugs yet.
best regards

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I have a problem with live traffic option. I get the impression that it stopped working after this update. I have purchased LTE internet. I have lost the ability to activate from subscription. I called Ford and they not met with a similar situation.


This update is not approved for any vehicle, therefore, they do not support it. If you take it to the dealer or tell Ford that you are using unapproved software, they will not help you.

I don’t know about your country, but in the US, the only warranty issue would be with the “infotainment” system, i.e. whatever you “modified”. If your engine blows up after you installed a Sync 3 update, the engine warranty is still in effect 100%.


Hi, I’m OK with 3.4.20282 version, but I’d like to update only Gracenote to the new version. Is it possible?

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid, Nav, ANZ 1.19 maps. I’m in Brazil.

4U5T-14G423-DB 566Mb Sync3 v3.3.20178 (GL-0011) (24.05.2020): ANZ (8)

This can be downloaded from the Ford APIM IVSU Database - CyanLabs

Tutorial: No Gracenotes After Sync 3.4 Installation. Manual Installation Instructions - Ford / Guides & Info - CyanLabs Official Community

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Thanks, ended up updating everything via syn3updater. It’s all working fine.

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Hi route, do you have south america maps in cyanlabs soft?

youmax, South America is included in ANZ (Australia-New Zealand) region. Don’t ask me why Ford made it this way, but believe me, it works. Just set Syn3Updater to ANZ and you’ll be fine. Don’t choose ROW, it won’t match your APIM’s country.

Sync uses your APIM’s country settings to determine what maps shoud be installed. In my case, it’s BR, so it loads South America maps, contained in ANZ package. It should be the same for you, since I can trace navigation routes to Argentina, so it has Argentina maps.

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Hi, please could I have a link to the syn3 updater? The links on the post don’t appear to be working. Thanks

Perfect explanation My neighbor. i will try

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Maybe a stupid question: I only have a Chromebook, so the app will not work for me. I know there is a basic way of doing this, but will need the new 3.4 code and steps to load it onto a USB drive for install …

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You need to follow this guide: Manual Method - Update to 3.4 - CyanLabs

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I am going to be upgrading from build 20282 to build 20351 to try and resolve the USB playback jump issue and was wondering if I need to check the gracenote box as I am already at version

if you are on it already then there is no point re-installing it

Thanks, I just thought I had read somewhere that the gracenotes could affect USB playback issue, thanks again.

It might do but i doubt it, but if you have that version already then it doesn’t matter :slight_smile: assuming ofcourse that you aren’t forcing a reformat.

So I just updated from 282. I didn’t notice any real changes, nav may be slight quicker. BT seems like it connected a little quicker.

I’m just waiting on 2020 NA maps now!

See this:

USB playback issue with sync 3.4 versions - Ford / Sync 3 - CyanLabs Official Community