Request - DPI Issue with Syn3 Updater

Hello. First of all, amazing work people!

I have an issue with Syn3 Updater app since first released. It occurs with Windows DPI settings different than 100%, resulting in the GUI being cut out.

I know it’s not a big deal since I can just use manual methor or change DPI every time I use the app, but it’s just annoying.

I’ve tried .exe compatibility settings with no success, I’m not sure if I’m missing something…

Thank you.

Hi, Welcome and thanks.

This is a known issue, won’t be fixed though, scaling on old style WinForms applications is just not something that is easily implemented, you need WPF for that and i don’t have much experience in that so won’t be migrating to it.

You can disable DPI settings per application by doing the following


Ok, got it. I had tried that setting before but somehow it works now.


Sounds like windows :smiley: no worries.

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