Screen size and APIM firmware or software

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BTW This is the same or atleast a similiar thing to what i need to do but i can’t access my TCU to change this setting :smiley: and some other settings, so i need to put the old (new) APIM in to access the TCU to change this, i just cba :smiley:

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@goettsd ,

Would you happen to have the TCU asbuilt and the part and firmware numbers? I’m mapping out the new TCU’s and came across and anomaly with the 2020 versions on the line counts. Your TCU has the proper line count and I believe it is related to a firmware difference.


Hi F150chief, glad to help!
TCU.ab.txt (13.3 KB)
FORSCAN-modules.txt (1.7 KB)

Hopefully I have the part/firmware correct. I grabbed these from the FORSCAN profile. I haven’t had a chance to get out to my truck, but, if this isn’t right, let me know and I can get what you need.

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That will work fine, thanks.

I have been reviewing this thread. It seems you elude to the possibility of taking a 4" APIM and turn it into an 8" inch APIM. When I plugged my 2021 4" Base APIM into the 8" screen the splash screen was correct but it still only showed a quarter of the screen as the 4" inch. I replaced it with 2016 APIM and used your tool to upgrade it to 3.4 everything works fine.

However, I’m having some issues, from what I understand something was added in 2020 in the way TCU communicates with the APIM. The 2016 APIM is not able to communicate with a 2021 TCU. Is it possible to somehow reprogram my 4" APIM to have 8" software and compatibility so I can get the TCU ability (FORD Pass) back?

I also replaced the radio module with one from a premium 2015 cause it had the CD Player to go with the bezel.

The original APIM currently has the most recent update as of last week on Sync 3.4.

Current DTCs I can’t get rid of but are not causing problems or a MIL light:
ACM B1A89 - Satellite Antenna
FCIM - B10B6 - Left Floor Discharge Temperature
FCIM - B10B5 - Left Panel Discharge Temperature
FCIM - B1A63 - Right Solar Sensor
FCIM - B1A64 - Left Solar Sensor
BCM - U0198 - Lost Communication with Telematic Control Module A
APIM - U0198 - Lost Communication with Telematic Control Module A

What came out: APIM LR3T-14G370-BLN (On the part)
What went in: APIM GR3T-14G370-CM (On the part)

I’m not concerned with the NAV built-in as I just want the Ford Pass back and on screen 8" android auto and apple car play.


APIM - Accessory Protocol Interface Module
Part number: 5U5T-14G371-LNC (latest known: 5U5T-14G371-LND)
Strategy: 1U5T-14G374-EL
Calibration: 1U5T-14G375-CA
VIN: 1FA6P8CF6M5121778

TCU - Telematic Control Unit Module
Part number: LB5T-14G087-SH (latest known: LB5T-14G087-SL)
Strategy : LB5T-14G139-SH

Can firmware and software be pushed to my original APIM to make it an 8" Touchscreen NON-Nav latest Sync 3.4 APIM?

This might be a bummer post for you, but…

I’ll address the issues separately, but the issue you will not remedy is the APIM, GR3T-14G370-CM. This unit does not have HS4 CANBUS, which is required for the TCU, LB5T-14G087-SH. You will need a 2019 ‘K’ series unit at least to get over this hurdle.

Changing the ACM can probably be done on a 2021 to make it effectively a 2016, but there are going to be issues with features working, if working at all. The FCIM will not work in your vehicle without a firmware upgrade to the appropriate 2021 or so file versions. It is doubtful the module would accept the programming if you tried.

He is what you need to do:
Revert everything back to stock and get it working as delivered.
Obtain a 2019 APIM with NAV (if you care about NAV).
Obtain a new FCIM designed for the application, 8" display 2020 or 2021.
Install the new APIM and enable HS4 CANBUS on the unit.
Make sure FordPass works, re-register if needed.

What was the purpose of changing all the modules to the 2016 level? What were you trying to accomplish?

To turn my 4 inch base stereo to an 8 inch touchscreen so I can use android auto and apple car play for my wife and her see it on the screen. I achieved this but with mentioned issues. There is no issues the way I have it now other than the DTCs that don’t pop mil anyways. The
8 inch display I have isnt compatible with 2019+ apims?

Even though they don’t pop MIL’s, you will find that those features with the DTC’s don’t work, like the floor temperature sensing, A/C heat sensing on the windshield, satellite radio probably. The TCU can also not sense the overall vehicle condition as it cannot talk to the BCM, or APIM. This also means that you will not be notified via FordPass if your alarm is triggered, and that won’t work either, along with the hotspot, because the TCU will not power up.

2015 thru 2019 8" displays all work on any APIM (some minor exceptions). To do this properly, you need 2 parts, the APIM 8" screen and 2020+ 8" FCIM, along with some FORScan programming. On further research the 5U5T-14G371-LNC APIM is NON-NAV, but will work with an 8" screen. It just needs to be programmed. And all the other stuff will also still work…

How do I program my original apim to 8 inch?

Do I just run the cyan labs USB on it?

I don’t have the firmware thing on my forscan.

Basic FORScan, non-licensed version.
Download FORScan
FORScan for Windows v2.3.41 - free

Try this,
Based on your factory asbuilt, to set the APIM for 8" screen:
Open the APIM as built configuration page,
7D0-03-01 0000 0101 00DD
7D0-03-01 0000 0601 00xx
(don’t worry about the 2 last bits, FORScan will calculate those for you…just say yes to the message.)

You may need to force reset (in FORScan tools menu) and power cycle the APIM after the change above.

Here is the APIM database in excel.
APIM As Built Database.xlsx (64.1 KB)
And your Factory as built file. Place this file in a safe place, it has all of your original settings.
1FA6P8CF6M5121778.ab (40.6 KB)

The CyanLabs Syn3 Updater only loads software and maps, it will not change the asbuilt configurations. Use FORScan for configurations.

That didn’t work to change my 4" apim into 8".

I applied the 8" APIM software for my 4" APIM and it worked, this was not a firmware change. Sounds like you are in the same boat as I was, which was the splash screen worked, but then it defaulted back to the smaller screen afterwards. I used the USB upgrade tool from here to change the software package (the 8" code is twice the size of the 4" code, so make sure you pull the right version). I used the same version number that was driving the 4" screen. I didn’t make any FORSCAN changes at this point in the change, as the FORSCAN settings for using Sync with the 4" screen don’t seem to match the known configurations. Moving to the 8" code did make the TCU stop functioning fully (I could still use the hotspot, but remote functions stopped working). After I did the upgrade and re-connected to my wifi at home, I ran the “check for updates” from the vehicle and there was an update package pulled; I’m not quite sure what it was, but It’s happened both times I’ve used the USB upgrade tool to make changes to the software. After I finally figured out what needs to be changed in the TCU, full remote functions returned.

Can you expand on the TCU function reprogram?

In FORSCAN had to make these changes in the TCU:

754-18-01 : 0204 to 0304

I have tried extensively to get a new TCU working on a old APIM, i couldn’t get it working, everything i tried including what is mentioned above did not work, it may not be impossible but it’s also not necessarily simple

GettoSD what options did you use to create the USB when I try to do the update it just says updating and never updates.

Are you getting that issue creating the USB? Or when you put it in your vehicle? For the Syn3 Updater I used:

Version 3.4.20136
US Region (since I’m in the US)
Non Nav APIM.

All others kept as default. Then placed in the truck, started up, and waited. Took about 30 mins to update, I believe.

2021 Mustang GT Base - It worked thanks!

So a detail of what I did. Put the USB in and the 4" display on the 8" inch screen said updating. Waited for like 10 min then pulled the USB out while it wasn’t being used thinking it wasn’t working. Rebooted the car and now the 8" inch screen was black. Used Ford’s Reset procedure to reboot the APIM and it booted into the 8" display with everything working.

What I think is happening is when you force the software update with the USB it’s checking your hardware configuration and loading the right files.

Files I have previously downloaded in the Cyanlabs tool were to update the 2016 APIM that I was using but TCU wasn’t working. I simply selected the most current version, non-nav, MY20 Auto Detect, and created the USB. Then used that on my original 2021 4" APIM while fully installed with the 8" screen.

ASBuilt I changed: (Found from the internet), most can be changed without asbuilt in the non-asbuilt configuration in FORSCAN.

TCU: 754-18-01: 0204 to 0304
APIM: 7D0-03-01: 0000 0601 00XX
BCM: 726-29-02: xxxx xxx0 xxxx
IPC: 720-06-01: 786F 0664 1897 (MANUAL) / 6C7F 8000 18B1 (AUTOMATIC)

(USA) Base GT : 760-02-02: XXXX 3XXX
(USA) Performance Pack GT : 760-02-02: XXXX 7XXX
(USA) V6/EB 760-02-02: 0200 - 117E

The 2015 FCIM is still throwing 3 DTC with no MIL. As stated above this is because of its older firmware. Not sure if I can update the firmware but everything is working anyways even with the codes.

FCIM - B11E5 - Left HVAC Damper Position Sensor
FCIM - B1A63 - Right Solar Sensor
FCIM - B1A64 - Left Solar Sensor

I used a 2017 8" Touchscreen.

What’s working: Apple Car Play, Android Auto, 8" Touch Screen, Ford Pass, Hotspot, Wifi

Thanks go out to F150Chief & goettsd for your insights and help!

If the TCU was a K*** part number, it uses HS4 and you need to downgrade the firmware to J*** version to use HS3. The hotspot will not work with older APIM’s.