Sync 3.4+ Not Updating

Trying to update my APIM to the newest version with maps and its not working. This originally was a 4" apim that has 16GB memory. I turned it into a 8" Apim quite a while ago with your updater. Now since I know its got 16GB memory I’m trying to add the maps as well and it just says invalid installation media. Im going to try just updating the non-map apim software and see if it works.

I couldn’t get the apim flashed with even the new non-apim version.
Im now going to try a reformat flash.

I remember the conversation…
Screen size and APIM firmware or software - Ford / Hardware - CyanLabs Official Community

Is this the 5U5T-14G371-LNC unit installed in the vehicle? 16GB will not support NA maps package, and MEM_ERR01 shows that. Not enough space.

When you reformat, you might get a black screen. Which screen is connected to the unit? I know you replaced it with the 8" version, but you didn’t say which part number you used in the last thread.

I don’t know what part number screen it is but it’s from a 2017 Mustang.

Will it error if it runs out of memory?

All the threads I have read say 16GB is good for NA and 32GB is good for EU.

My original factory APIM LR3T-14G370-BLN is what is in there.

I might have caused this issue when I was originally trying the update. It said it was restarting the unit and I removed the USB when it did.

I was driving at the time so I just didn’t read it well.

Reformat attempt gave me a packaging error 04.

I think Ford has locked APIMs now so you can’t convert them to NAV ones or I corrupted the drive partitions.

Currently, everything is working fine on SYNC 3.4.21194 but I had auto update on and Ford notified me of an update and asked me to go restart my car a few days ago.

Going to try a reformat non-nav upgrade.

Didn’t take that either. Package Error 04.

I checked the log and I think I found why. The usb being created is showing that my car is already on the latest update. I’m going to remake the USB with the correct parameters since it is not on the latest update.

Sync_W02T3CTR_1FA6P8CF6M5121778.xml (10.4 KB)

Not sure what you have read, but I think you are mistaking “USB size” with “APIM Storage”.
For USB creation, you need 32 GB for EU and 16 GB for NA, but since the contents on the USB are compressed, you need more than that on the APIM, since you need work storage for uncompressing and final allocation.

For NA you need 32GB APIM, and for EU a 64GB APIM.

PKG ERROR 04 is that you are trying to use the reformat on a, you need to downgrade first.

Again, not sure what you have been reading, but all this I’m saying to you is well documented…

Please link the document.

I also don’t need to downgrade to reformat as I’m using an older screen.

Re-Format on MY20 black screen is from using a MY20 screen which I am not.

I’m sorry, we are not IT Support, unless you are paying us a membership, which I do not think it’s the case :wink: (this may be harsh, but do not take it the wrong way)

But feel free to navigate Ford Hub - CyanLabs and Docs - CyanLabs Official Community

You are still not reading correctly.
I’ve just said that PKG ERROR 04 is that you are trying to execute a package that’s been blacklisted, so I’m assuming (Since you didn’t post a single piece of information (logs or image)) that you are trying to reformat a, and reformat tool has been blacklisted on 3.4 after a specific build.

You said you got that error, I’ve just explained what it means.
With that, do whatever you want, reformat or not. Not sure what you are trying to do :wink:

Just by looking at your link I can easily say it says 16GB is good for NA.

I also already figured out the Package Error if you read my post.

I will be attempting to reformat shortly.

Ok, good luck with that.

Just one more thing, are you talking about a NAV or non-NAV system?

It says it IN the program.

Are you saying your manuals are wrong?

Wow, I can’t believe we are still talking about this…
What’s the title of that section?!??!!?!?!??!!

“Recommended USB Flash Drives sizes”, APIM size depend on what you are installing!!!

I turned this from a 4" non-nav apim into an 8" non-nav apim.

Ok, if you do not need maps and 3.4 is not updating, check this thread → Tutorial: Sync 3.4 NON-NAV APIM: Failure to Update to Newer Version Sync 3.4

For NA non-NAV, 16 GB APIM should be enough. The previous link will tell you how to free up some space to perform the upgrade. After that, you may or may not be able to install all packages again.

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I read the whole thing and no where does it talk about the actual beginning size of the APIM memory.

The map enabled versions are they 16,32, or 64 GB to start out with for NA?



So trying to reformat gives a packaging error.

Trying auto-install with non-nav update gives a memory error as well.

I need to try to figure out how to clear out the memory I think my previous attempt used up all the memory.

NA NAV is 32GB only

EU NAV is 64GB only

The only way to remove the map remnants is to reformat.

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It won’t take the reformat package. I’m going to attempt a downgrade to 3.4.19101 and try to reformat upgrade it again.