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Hi, I have a big problem with the version 21020 inclusive the new map material for Europe. After preparing the USB stick, I try to install the new Sync Version on my Ford Mustang 2017. First it looks pretty good, the new App seems to be installed. The next doing should be to to remove the stick and restart the engine … I propose the section should be installed the maps but now I have a loop with the display information Starting Update - so I wait more the 60 minutesb but nothing go forward - what can I do? :de:

Leave the pendrive in the USB.

It will takes 2-3 hours to copying all the ~25-26 Gb data and installing them.

You can check the installed versions of App (3.4.21020) and the map (F9 or F10).


Please, follow the tutorials…
In which part does it say that you should remove the pendrive and restart the engine???

I’m confused because if you have MY17 there is no reason to not use reformat/downgrade but you clearly aren’t

Hi all, maybe I’ve made a mistake by updating to version 21020 … I installed the update by driving because data amount is very high … however if I start my car I get the same mesasage “Starting Updates …” how can I interrupt this ??

Make a Syn3Updater USB Stick with 21020 an F10maps. I had the same situation with ne ford map update…stuck in the middle of nowhere…
I make a reformat version with the Syn3Updater and it took 50 min for 3.0+F8 → 3.4+F10. With a progressbar! :slight_smile:

Hi, I was so crazy - I forgot the Music USB Stick (it‘s a very small one) so the System tries to boot from this Stick. After removing the Installation process goes on correctly …

That is happen to me too, is driving me crazy.
All good now, except i lost Android Auto, it flickes 2x then its gone, even after master reset.

@CyanLabs maybe you can add LU5T-14G386-CA to prevent looping?

The file is new, already aware of it and investigating.

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Even if you are correct, looping would not happen if users follow the tutorial/instructions.

And of course if implemented, USBs could be only once without having to modify it…

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